3 Benefits of Retiring in Virginia


Choosing where to live after retirement is an incredibly important decision. While some people prefer to age at home, others want to take the chance to move to a new area once they no longer have work obligations. Virginia can be a lovely place to spend retirement, as the numerous medical centers, tax benefits and community activities can offer a safe, happy environment to live in.

1. City and Country Dwellings

Virginia has a charming mix of rural and urban settings. Whether someone desires Smithfield VA real estate, a place deep in the country, or in the heart of a bustling city, Virginia has something to offer. In many cases, the country is only a short drive away from the city, so residents of either area can take fun day trips to the neighboring area.

2. Financial Benefits

Retirees are eligible for many tax benefits when they live in Virginia. There are many exemptions in place regarding Social Security, income taxes and medications. Virginia has many different regions with housing available that is suitable for people with a variety of budget sizes. Combined with low property tax rates, retirees will likely be able to find someplace that is both affordable and attractive.

3. Events and Historical Sites

As one of the original 13 states, Virginia has a long and rich history. Anyone who is interested in history will find a treasure trove of museums, monuments and famous landmarks scattered throughout the state. Many communities have annual festivals and parades that attract crowds of all sizes, from small local gatherings to events that attract thousands of attendees.

Moving to a new area can be a wonderful way to begin retirement. Virginia offers many communities that can comfortably accommodate retirees, so it is a good idea to carefully consider all the options before making a choice, as well as think about what type of residence will be the best fit.