Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodel Ideas 2023

Embrace the charm of upcycling and repurposing in your bathroom renovation project. Seek out reclaimed wood or vintage furniture pieces that can be transformed into unique vanities or storage solutions. This not only adds character to your bathroom but also promotes sustainability and reduces your environmental footprint.

For instance, an old wooden chest can be converted into a vanity by adding a sink and faucet on top. The rustic appeal of reclaimed wood can add warmth and character to your bathroom’s design. Be sure to seal the wood properly to protect it from moisture.

Thrift Store Treasures

Don’t underestimate the treasures you can find at thrift stores and flea markets. These places are gold mines for affordable bathroom d√©cor and accessories. From vintage mirrors to quirky towel hooks, you can uncover gems that add personality to your space without denting your wallet.

When shopping at thrift stores, keep an eye out for items that you can easily refurbish or repaint to match your bathroom’s color scheme. A fresh coat of paint or some new hardware can work wonders on an old piece.

Paint and Refresh

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to give your bathroom a fresh look … Read the rest

Tips for Choosing Wall Wallpaper Motifs According to Room Design

Gorgeous Wallpaper Blue background Golden sketch effect Nature scenery

The charm of wall wallpapers is indeed very effective to sweeten the interior design of the house. With various colors and motifs, the wallpaper is ready to make your home beautiful. But you know, the colors and motifs of the wallpaper will give a different impression?

If the interior of your house is equipped with a fairly low ceiling, you can make it look taller by using wallpaper with vertical stripes. The shape of the line that stands on the wallpaper wall will create the impression that the ceiling also looks high. Another alternative, you can apply wallpaper in a color that matches the color of the ceiling. It is recommended to choose neutral and light colors such as white, beige, light brown, and light gray for small interiors. Conversely, dark colors actually make the ceiling appear lower.

Horizontal Line Wall Wallpaper

If wallpaper with vertical stripes can make the ceiling appear higher, horizontal stripes will create a lower interior. So, it is appropriate when applied to a small room with high ceilings so that the proportional level of the dimensions of the room is maintained. Meanwhile, horizontal lines can also give the impression that the interior feels wider. … Read the rest