Home Minimalist Ceramic Floor Design Inspiration

Ceramic Floor

Making a house a comfortable and attractive place to live is not easy. Even though you already have a lot of inspiration, what is more, important is the dream and vision to turn these ideas into a harmonious home setting. Once upon a time, there were not many choices of ceramic floor tiles that could be used to beautify the interior of the house.

As time goes by, now you can find various ceramic motifs in various choices. One of the advantages of ceramic floors is that the colors and designs that are available are very diverse, so you can adjust which tiles are the most ideal for your home. Meanwhile, the current interior trend is to use ceramics for all rooms in the house. Here are some examples of selecting ceramic floors for home interiors:

Ceramic Floor for Living Room

The living room is the most appropriate place to maximize the design value of your home. Because, here is the most visited room. Whether it’s when receiving guests, or meeting with family members and friends. Therefore, the right ceramic design for this room is ceramic with a neutral pattern and emphasizes its elegant side. The appearance of the floor can also be sweetened by adding a carpet to make the atmosphere warm. For the choice of the carpet itself, choose a classic style rug with a simple shape. A warm atmosphere can also be created through the use of wooden floors.

Floor for Kitchen

For several years, ceramics has become an integral part of kitchen design. For the current trend, most kitchens use luxurious linoleum and bamboo ceramics. The advantage of these ceramics is that apart from being easy to care for, they also look very classy and can add a comfortable atmosphere when cooking. Of course, you can still use other types of ceramic floors. But other than the two types of flooring above, the floor will feel uncomfortable if you live in a mountainous area.

Bedroom Ceramics

The bedroom reflects your personality and is the most comfortable place. So you may experiment with several floors before finding the right one. Most importantly, avoid floors that are too shiny, light and dark in color. Maybe these colors really suit your mood right now. But believe me, the beauty of the floor will quickly fade. Choose colors that are calming and relaxing. Natural stone ceramics are generally preferred because they have an elegant and luxurious appearance. Choose one that fits the initial concept of your room and can use more than one color. As for a child’s bedroom, choosing a sporty and colorful tile is the right decision. Especially if your kids are toddlers because there’s no need to worry about changing them too soon.

The Right Ceramics for Bathrooms

For bathrooms, the factor of resistance to water and stains is the most important thing to note. There are many choices of matching floor motifs, such as floral motifs, different colored tiles for each bathing area, and criss-cross patterns. Remember that you can use soft colors to create a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, dark floors will create a modern impression.