Tips for Arranging Dish Racks in the Kitchen to be Neat

The biggest challenge in designing a kitchen is managing the placement of the dish racks properly. The dish rack is of course an indispensable piece of furniture in the kitchen. As the name implies, this piece of furniture functions as a place to store plates and other cutlery, including bowls, glasses, and spoons. Therefore, this dish rack is an absolute piece of furniture in the kitchen. It’s a good idea to provide a special space for its placement.

Even though it looks very trivial, the dish rack must be arranged properly so that it can appear optimally and not fill the entire room. The biggest mistake people make is that the dish rack is too large compared to the daily plate needs. This then makes the dish rack look like a dish storage cupboard. As a result, of course, the dish rack takes up too much space in the kitchen and this is not very good.

We ourselves highly recommend that you choose a dish rack whose capacity size fits your needs. With these shelves, you can organize your kitchen more easily and proportionately. Please you can also follow the tips below in arranging the kitchen shelves.

Setting Up a Dedicated Area for Dish Racks

Dish racks should indeed be placed in the kitchen so that we can easily get cutlery. That’s why from the start, you have to provide a special area for placing this furniture. We really like the position of the dish rack which is placed near the kitchen sink or corner of the room. So that it is easier for you to manage kitchen equipment. However, try to keep this dish rack away from electronic devices and electrical cables to avoid the risk of electrical short circuits. You have to make sure the position of the kitchen shelf can stand steadily and not be prone to wobble.

Determine the Dish Rack Model Used

Then you also need to determine the dish rack model that is used in the kitchen. Our recommendation is that you must adapt the dish rack design to the kitchen design. For example, if your kitchen design is in a modern minimalist style. Then you need to use a dish rack that has a simple style. You must choose shelves with an unfinished appearance. Thus, the kitchen shelf is not only useful for storing kitchen utensils but can also be used to decorate a room.

Arranging Dishes According to Shelf Capacity Earlier

And the last thing is that you should use a dish rack according to its ability. That is, you should not force the capacity of the dish rack. That’s why from the start you have to buy a rack that has a capacity that matches the amount of kitchen equipment that you use daily. Kitchen shelves that are too small will certainly make the arrangement of plates, bowls, and glasses there messy. We recommend that you place these kitchen tools by type to make them easier to find and look much more attractive.