Here are 4 Bathroom Interior Design Themes

Bathroom Interior Design

Are you looking for a bathroom interior design that fits the characteristics of the house? As a place to clean yourself, the atmosphere in the bathroom also has a big influence on the existence of your dwelling as a whole. Not only clean and healthy, but the bathroom must also look attractive so that it feels more comfortable. Below are Arafuru’s chosen bathroom designs for you!

Elegant Bathroom Interior Design

An elegant modern bathroom interior design can be created by applying the concept of simplicity, namely the use of geometrically shaped toiletries without indentations. In addition, color accessories such as white, brown, gray, and black also help create a distinctive interior with a modern and elegant feel. Meanwhile, materials that fit this concept include aluminum, ceramics, mirrors, glass, and marble. Applying glossy paint is also effective in making a modern bathroom look elegant.

Natural Design

Natural-style bathroom design can be created from the use of materials that are still natural. An example that is currently trending is the use of natural stone as a coating for bathroom walls. Meanwhile, if you want to present wood material, make sure you cover it with waterproofing so that the wood does not rot due to water seepage.

In terms of color, try playing with green to make the interior feel more natural. Also, present a few pots of ornamental plants in one corner of the room. It is also recommended to make skylights as a pathway for sunlight to help plant growth while supporting thick natural nuances.

Colorful Design

As the name implies, the colorful design is characterized by its decoration which is filled with various colors. The goal is to create a vibrant bathroom atmosphere. Therefore, your courage in playing colors is at stake here. At least, combine two kinds of contrasting colors like blue and green, or green and yellow.

Give a touch of a neutral type of color for the place where the eyes rest so they don’t get tired easily and get dizzy. Adding motifs by installing wallpaper or wall tiles is also effective in making the room more dynamic. Don’t forget to add floral accessories such as orchids, daisies, or roses to enhance the charm of a fresh bathroom.

Country Design

Country design is synonymous with a romantic atmosphere typical of rural areas in Europe. You can create this nuance by covering the bathroom walls using small floral patterned wallpaper. In order for the wallpaper to stay protected from water, use light-colored wood trim to separate the wall area into two parts, where the wallpaper is attached to the upper wall area. Pastel colors are also effective in creating a romantic impression.

Hang a dim yellow light to make the bathroom feel warm and comfortable. You can also display wall hangings made of porcelain with floral motifs. Because there are many details in this room, you need to take care of it regularly so that the bathroom remains clean, healthy, beautiful, and dust free.