Modern Style Terrace House Design Inspiration

Style Terrace

The terrace is one of the rooms in the house that first becomes a concern when someone comes to visit. In general, terrace decoration is limited to placing pots filled with plants and flowers. There are also those who add a swing to bring a relaxed atmosphere there. What is important, the design of a modern-style terrace must be in harmony with the overall style of the house. If your house is a minimalist style, then the terrace must also look like this.

To get lots of inspiration, spend some time looking at some home design tips and pictures or observing them firsthand by walking around your home complex. The construction of a new terrace must have a clear concept and function properly for all residents of the house. Consider a model that fits the situation around your home. Decoration games for the terrace of the house can be from the main door to potted plants.

When building a terrace, choose materials that are strong and durable. Consider whether to leave the terrace exposed or build a covering over it. If the house where the terrace is to be built serves as the main residence, add items that can support your comfort there, such as a swing and a few chairs, and a table. Conversely, if you rarely relax on the terrace, you should build a small terrace and green it with some ornamental plants around it.

Here are some ideas for decorating a modern-style terrace that you can try to apply to your home!

Customize the Door with a Modern Style Terrace Design

You can hang garlands or metal statues as decoration for the main door. Don’t forget to add some soft foam behind it so the door doesn’t get scratched. In modern homes, add carpet or woven bamboo in front of the door.

Proper Lighting

In order to create a modern atmosphere on the terrace of the house, choose a lamp with a modern style. Usually made of bronze, chrome, or stainless steel. The black lamp holder is also a hallmark of the modern style. Almost all electronics stores currently sell various forms of attractive lamp holders.

Matching Furniture

When choosing furniture to complement the atmosphere of a modern terrace, don’t miss rattan. Rattan functions to create a fresh atmosphere in a design that looks stiff. Avoid using light wood furniture, such as pine. Choose sleek furniture pieces, with simple and neat lines. Replace pillows with floral motifs with white or black ones. The existence of a table can also be replaced by an iron bench.

Choose the Right Plants

Choose plants with strong architecture to complement modern lines. You can make a mini garden with grass that has a fresh atmosphere behind it. Another plant is bamboo, which will make a modern Asian-style home design. It is also possible to have ornamental topiary plants that can be trimmed into living sculptural forms.