How To Decorate a Small Living Room to Make It Look Wider

Small Living Room

The main obstacle when arranging a small room is that the room is filled with crowded household furniture. There are so many pieces of furniture and accessories in this room. You are not aware that you have put so much furniture in the house that it makes the atmosphere feel full and claustrophobic. So that cases like this don’t happen to the small living room in your house, you have to be brave enough to remove a number of items so that the room becomes more spacious. Never make the living room look like a warehouse for storing goods.

Indeed, to be able to get a comfortable atmosphere in the living room as you wish, then you need to rearrange this interior as a whole. Because from the start you have made a fatal mistake by placing too many items. Yep, in a small room, you shouldn’t put various items into it. If you do, then the space will definitely feel fuller and tighter. The result is that you can’t feel comfortable living in this small living room.

Below we will try to share basic tips and tricks for decorating a small living room so that you can make it look wider than it really is. Of course, the living room will also feel more comfortable with the new decoration.

Choose Long-Legged Furniture

Choose furniture that has long legs to decorate a small living room. Chairs with a shape like this are very capable of creating an impression on the eye so that the room feels wider than it actually is. This is because the more floors that your eyes can see, the bigger the eyes perceive the room. So as much as possible avoid adding furniture with short strands of cloth because they can block the floor underneath. We recommend that you choose furniture with long legs.

Consider Transparent Furniture for your Small Living Room

Another trick to create a spacious impression in a small interior is to choose furniture made from transparent glass. You can apply this glass material to coffee tables or any furniture that will be placed in the middle of the room. The transparent glass material can be penetrated by the eye and perceive it as if it doesn’t exist. This is what makes it able to create an illusion of a more spacious room. In addition, the glass material is also able to handle light well. The living room that looks so bright will appear wider.

Versatile Furniture is Also Perfect

The right decoration for another limited space is multifunctional furniture. As the name suggests, this type of furniture has more than one function or use so you no longer need to add other furniture with pre-existing functions. An example of this type of furniture is a table with a bookcase underneath and a cupboard that has a large number of drawers under it. By utilizing these areas, you can save on the use of the living room. So that the room will not feel full and crowded.

The Most Suitable Paint Color Choice

Neutral colors are the perfect backdrop for a small living room because you can freely decorate it with a variety of additional colors. Our suggestion is to use a cold color type to make the room feel wider. Some examples of the colors we mean are beige, light pink, gray-blue, light blue, and green. So that the living room is not too stiff, add carpets and pillows to give warmth to the room. Another tip for choosing the color for a small living room is to use less than three color combinations. Use matching colors to make it look prettier. And avoid colors that are opposite, contrasting, and too sharp.

The Right Choice for Storage Media

Not all accessories can be put in a beautiful basket. Sometimes antiques such as statues and paintings need to be displayed openly so that their charm appears more attractive. The solution to placing these items is to add built-in wardrobes. Add shelves or cabinets that are specifically made for the living room in your home. Likewise, with LCD TVs, you should place this TV against the wall. By providing storage media to place these accessories, you can leave ample space for movement.

Lighting Settings in the Room

Lighting is the most important element in decorating techniques. Maximize the presence of natural light by providing wide windows. You can easily make a room feel more spacious by simply opening the curtains that decorate it. Unfortunately, not all tiny spaces can have windows.