Get to Know Modern Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist Interior Design

Modern minimalist interior design is one of the designs that is currently booming this year. This design is considered capable of answering the needs of urban communities who want their homes to always look attractive without complicated maintenance. So, how was this modern minimalist design created?

Modern Minimalist and Functional Interior Design

Modern minimalist style can be regarded as a functional design. All furniture and accessories are intended not only for decoration but more for the utilization of their functions. In fact, for furniture specifically designed using minimalist principles, the furniture is deliberately made multifunctional. That is, there is more than one use for the furniture. For example, a cupboard that functions as a storage area as well as a desk, a coffee table that is also used as a bookshelf, or a bed with drawers underneath.

The concept is Clean

In a minimalist interior, you are encouraged to use simple furniture. Home furnishings that use curves and squiggly ornaments should be avoided. It is intended that the room that is created really looks clean. A modern touch is obtained from the characteristics of the room itself. For example by adding high-tech devices or furniture with a futuristic design.


In the construction of a minimalist home interior design, the main goal is to present a room that is minimally maintained but still looks charming. The solution, as mentioned in the two points above, is to emphasize functionality and simplicity. The minimalist modern design also prioritizes the strength and durability of the decoration in it. This can be seen from the use of sturdy furniture.

Use Of Monochromatic Colors

The color element is one of the interior elements that often becomes a weapon when exploring modern minimalist concepts. However, the selection of this color combination does not refer to aesthetic elements but rather prioritizes the comfort level of the room itself. In the end, don’t be surprised if you find lots of neutral colors like white which are dominant in this interior concept.