Dream Home Decoration with Favorite Concepts

Dream Home Decoration

Do you want to realize the dream home decoration you’ve always wanted? In fact, a dream home is a home that reflects the distinctive character of its owner. Therefore, the atmosphere inside feels very comfortable. The following ideas are worth considering.

Dream Home Decoration with Fantasy Concepts

Surely you have ever dreamed of having a house like this and that, right? Instead of leaving it as wishful thinking, why not apply it to reality? Indeed, to bring it up to one hundred percent is somewhat difficult and requires a budget that is not small. But, you can still make an approach to be similar to that fantasy.

Don’t forget, you can apply decoration tricks to reduce the required costs. For example, to increase the height of the ceiling, cover the walls with wallpaper with horizontal stripes. If the room looks narrow and dark, just use glass furniture and mirror accents. The key is, don’t be afraid to be creative by combining various home concepts into one.

Things That Make You Comfortable

Still, confused about the right residence for you? Once in a while, you may go around all corners of the house. Then, write down what things you like that make you feel comfortable. Also ask about accessories that might want to be changed, removed, or retained. Make sure all the executions you did earlier have a strong reason why you took them.

For example, in your living room, you currently have an abstract painting that matches the interior concept. But behind the decoration, you actually don’t like it because you think the appearance of the painting looks confusing. From here, you can find a replacement for which decoration is more appropriate. For example, if you like taking pictures with your family, then just replace the painting with a row of photos of your family. Do not force something you do not like to see in the house.

Hobbies or Hobbies

Every human being must have a passion for something. Whether it’s watching movies, reading books, playing football, or collecting miniature cars. In order for home decor to appear in harmony with your life, don’t hesitate to flaunt this preference in all corners of the house.

You can start from the living room. Here, you can add posters, and shelves as a place to store miniatures and books, and apply paint and wallpaper that are synonymous with these hobby activities. Now, you have no more trouble storing all your valuables, and the character of the house becomes even more pronounced.

Memorable Items

For residences that are often a gathering place for extended family or newlyweds’ homes, you can continue to bring happiness to the house. The trick is to put back objects that have memories. These items are usually in the form of photos, gifts, souvenirs, or favorite items.

In applying it, take advantage of these items as a room decoration. Expose the presence of these objects to make them stand out more. For large objects, you can display them separately / individually. Meanwhile, small objects will look more attractive when grouped.


Souvenirs or souvenirs after the trip are usually unique and specific to a particular area. Therefore, objects like this will re-describe how the atmosphere of your trip is very complete. You can hang traditional masks, panoramic paintings, or photos taken during your trip. Meanwhile, souvenirs that are three-dimensional in shape can be displayed on a table or wall shelf.