Black Interior Decoration Presents Luxury

Black Interior

In designing home interior designs, black is often underestimated. This color is considered very dark and not suitable when applied to residential areas. Plus, the black interior color also easily absorbs heat, causing the interior of the house to feel hot.

But behind these shortcomings, black can actually look very stunning. Especially when used to create dramatic interiors. With the right use, black will wrap your home interior with a very distinctive charm. Here are the ideas

Blending Black and White Interiors

The black and white color combination is one of the classic color combinations that always looks attractive. Black which looks very static will change more dynamically when juxtaposed with white, and vice versa. Pay attention to the picture above. As for its application, try scratching this black color on the wall as the background of the room. Next, add white furniture to sweeten it.

Mixing Black with Bright Colors

Who said a black room always looks gloomy? Take a look at the picture above. You can really make a black interior look cheerful just by adding colorful furniture.

Red, green, orange, blue, yellow, and other bright colors are very effective in changing the stiff image attached to black. The good news, black as a neutral color is also easy to combine with any color. Therefore, try to display this black color with bright, striking colors. One advantage of black is that it can make the existence and shape of objects in front of it more visible.

Play Black As Motive

Apart from applying plain black, you can make it a motif. In fact, the appearance of the motifs produced by this color can look more attractive. Call it a black or striped motif resembling a zebra.

Always remember that color play can’t only be done on wall paint. More than that, you can play it on tables, chairs, sofas, carpets, cabinets, and even table lamps.