5 Effective Tips for Choosing Elegant Window Curtains

Window Curtains

The function of the Window curtains is not only to block the entry of the sun into the room and protect the privacy of the occupants of the house but curtains can also be used to beautify the appearance of the interior. The colors and patterns of curtains on the market are now very diverse. All of that can be processed as beautifully as possible with the right installation techniques. Below is a guide to choosing the right curtains

Determine the Curtain Installation Model

Please note, there are various models that can be applied to install curtains on windows so that they look more beautiful. Two of the most popular are hanging curtains by closing right on the window frame, or hanging curtains from the ceiling so that they hang down to the floor. The first technique is usually applied to interiors that are modern and minimalist. While the second way you can use when you want to bring a luxurious and elegant atmosphere to the house.

Measure the Window Curtains Area Required

Measure how much area of the wall the curtain will cover by adjusting it to the first point. Make sure you measure with the right numbers to save more time. You don’t want to measure windows back and forth, do you? If you’re having trouble getting the window width right, use a bouncy thread to form a straight line.

Make the Curtain Size Longer

The beauty of home interior curtains lies in the folds of the material. The more folds are neatly arranged, the more charm of the curtains will be more attractive. Therefore, when you want to buy curtain fabric later, don’t forget that you need to increase the length by 2-3 times. For example, if the length of the window to your side is 1 meter. Then the curtains to buy are 2-3 meters long with the right width.

Choose a Curtain Color and Pattern

The choice of color and pattern of curtains should be adjusted to the design of the room you want to create. The combination of certain colors and motifs will produce a different atmosphere. For example, when you want to create a typical beach interior design, choose navy blue curtains and typical beach scene patterns such as coconut trees, shells, fish, ships, and so on. Meanwhile, if you want to create a typical mountain interior, use green curtains with patterns of trees, flowers, and animals.

Avoid Using Window Panels Made of Iron

As we know, natural iron will easily rust when exposed to water continuously. Likewise with the material selected for the window pane. Considering that the climate in Indonesia has heavy rainfall, avoid using panels made of iron as much as possible. Even if you insist because you are attracted to the charm and durability of iron, first coat the panel with stainless paint. Another alternative, choose panels made of brass and aluminum which are also durable.