7 Simple Tropical Home Design Inspirations

Tropical Home Design

The main concept of simple tropical home design is the creation of a residence that has a relaxed atmosphere. As much as possible the atmosphere of a tropical house should feel comfortable and easy to use. The house is also easy to maintain and easier to clean. Like life in a hotel, you don’t have to bother caring for your home when it’s designed with a tropical concept. This concept allows the atmosphere of your home to be like a pleasant beach villa or a mountain peak surrounded by beautiful and refreshing green scenery.

Tropical house designs are made by adopting a typical tropical house into the house. Luckily we also live in a tropical climate. So you can imitate traditional house styles to make this one concept. So that the appearance of the house is still contemporary, you can also combine it with modern concepts.

Don’t worry, OK? We will provide the right inspiration regarding the concept of a tropical-style house. You can also adopt the tips listed below.

Wall Paint Colors Between Green and Blue

Basically, a tropical house reflects a residence that has a natural feel. This house is full of water and plants in its environment. The coloring used aims to create a bold and vibrant atmosphere. One of these nuances can be created from a combination of wall paint colors between blue and green as the base color. Of course, it’s fine for you if you want to add other colors.

The Number of Openings in the Room

A house located in the tropics will definitely feel hot. Understandably, because the distance between the house and the sun is quite close. So it’s no wonder that tropical houses are always equipped with lots of openings. You can create one by building windows in the right positions. Not just one or two windows, but you have to maximize the available space to make windows.

Tropical Plants As Decoration Accents

As mentioned above, the existence of tropical plants is one of the main elements in tropical home designs. Some examples of plants that can be planted include bananas, coconuts, frangipani, and lush green leafy plants. If your house is small, then the existence of this plant can appear in the form of wallpaper, curtains, carpets, or fabrics that are used throughout the house.

Use Floors that are Easy to Maintain

Flooring for tropical homes should be easy to maintain. Why? Because a large number of openings in this house will cause dust particles to enter the house easily. You can use any type of floor in this house as long as it’s not difficult to care for. For example, you can use tile floors, concrete floors, marble floors, granite floors, or wooden floors. Make sure that the floor can reflect the charm of moist soil or clean sand. So that the typical tropical nuance in it will feel very strong.

Distinctive Natural Motifs and Rough Textures

Here’s a little secret. Textures that feel rough will usually be immediately suitable for tropical-style homes. You can get the existence of these rough-textured objects by presenting coconut stalks, wood, wicker, rattan, and straw. In addition, bamboo and teak materials also have a very strong tropical impression, so they are suitable for you to make as room furniture.

Coastal and Tropical Rain Forest

The atmosphere that is generally created in a tropical home environment is a beach and forest area. Examples of beachy elements include paddles, hammocks, boats, and torchlights. Meanwhile, the feel of a tropical forest can be added with a touch of tropical birds, ornamental fish, and even reptiles. To keep your home’s value high or not too childish, you can do this through the use of expensive materials and the addition of wood carvings, metal sculptures, and oil paintings. Please choose one, whether you want to design a beach-style house or a dwelling in the interior of the forest.

Installation of Dim Lights in the Garden

Don’t forget the garden lights that shine dimly because you can never escape this tropical design. Yep, a tropical house is always equipped with a garden around it. The size of this garden does not have to be large, but enough to be planted with plants typical of the tropics. After that, you can complete the garden with garden lights. Here we deliberately choose a lamp whose light is yellow and shines dimly so that the light effect it produces looks soft and elegant. You can install several lights at once that are installed randomly in the garden.