5 Saving Tips for Designing a Bathroom with a Minimal Budget

In fact, designing a bathroom requires a lot of money. Apart from the cost of renovating the room, you also need to provide a special budget to buy quite a lot of toiletries. Especially if you want to completely change the bathroom design, we guarantee that you will definitely need a lot of budgets. Therefore, people are usually reluctant to redesign the bathroom in their houses. As a result, the bathroom design looks old-fashioned, outdated, or boring.

Decorating the bathroom is the most costly when compared to designing other rooms. Therefore, you need special tricks in managing the bathroom so that you don’t break the bag. Actually, by applying alternative tips, you can create a new atmosphere in the bathroom. You can redesign the atmosphere in the bathroom using simple ideas, it doesn’t cost a lot, but the results are no less good. This is the best solution for designing with a limited budget.

Using Cheaper Flooring to Design a Bathroom

As we know, ceramics have a fairly expensive purchase price. So in order to save your budget, we recommend limiting the use of the number of tiles when designing a bathroom. Focus on the floor area only. You don’t need to install ceramics on the wall because it will only cost a lot. You just need to decorate this part with wall paint. You also don’t need to use expensive ceramics. Quite a simple but charming looking ceramic. Through this step, besides being able to save excess costs, the resulting bathroom atmosphere looks more unique and different.

Another alternative is that you can use other types of bathroom floors besides ceramics and the price is cheaper. So what floor is it? We recommend using a concrete floor. Concrete floors are also known as cement floors. This floor is made using cement mortar which is leveled on the floor surface. Then give the finish using the plaster. If you want the results to be even more attractive, you can provide additional finishing with an epoxy layer. The cost to make this floor is definitely less than ceramic.

Applying New Wall Paint

If you don’t have a large enough budget to build a bathroom design, then repainting the walls of the room can be one of the cheapest and fastest ways to create a new bathroom atmosphere. This time you need to use a new wall paint color to create a new atmosphere. We recommend choosing bright colors so that the resulting impression looks fresher. You can consider colors that are currently trendy, such as beige, aqua, maroon, Tosca, and others.

Replacing Small Equipment

Small bathroom equipment usually has a relatively cheap price. Therefore, you can replace it with a new piece of equipment without worrying about spending a lot of money. Examples of equipment we mean are lamps, faucets, towel rails, and dresser drawers. Keep in mind here that you don’t have to buy new equipment. You can use preloved toiletries but they are still in good condition. Try visiting antique shops to find old hangers that are much more interesting and eye-catching.

Refreshing View of Bathtubs and Toilets

The bathtub and toilet are the most expensive furniture in the bathroom. Replacing the two pieces of furniture will probably cost quite a lot. So this time, you just need to clean it until it’s really sparkling clean so that both of them look more attractive and different. How to? You can use bathroom cleaning products that have actually been tested to remove all the stains and dirt that stick to the toilet and bathtub. Please you can start doing a thorough cleaning.

Buying Used Toiletries

The final solution to save more on renovations in the bathroom is to buy furniture that is in used condition. This means you can use preloved furniture and accessories for use in the bathroom. As we know, the price of these semi-used items is cheaper than new items. That way you can still redesign the bathroom with a limited budget. You can buy this used furniture at flea markets or online sites. Most importantly, always prioritize the quality and condition of the goods before buying them.