Tips for Restoring a Historic Home

General Article

Every home has a story. Some homes’ stories have a significant place in local history. Many homeowners choose to live in historic districts because they want to be a part of the overall narrative of their community. If you purchase a historic home that needs some work, it is best to go into it with clear expectations.

Budget More

The first thing you must realize when you are restoring a historic home is that everything is likely to cost more. Your choices are limited by specific guidelines governing the area, so you may not have the option of less expensive materials. You will need a more comprehensive insurance policy that includes replacement cost coverage. While certain areas may come with tax breaks, expect property taxes to be the same or higher in popular historic districts. You will probably pay more to heat and cool your home, since historical authenticity often dictates that more modern, energy-saving measures are not allowed.

Hire Experts

You also need to be picky about your contractor. When consulting with different restoration professionals, make sure you look for architectural design services that have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to historic restorations. It is best to find someone who understands your property as well as its place in the historical context of your area.

Learn History

One way to ensure that you are hiring the right architect is to do some research about your home on your own. Learning your home’s background can increase your commitment to the project. It can also give you a good idea where to start if you need to do the restoration work in phases. Finally, having your own knowledge base can help you more effectively guide the project.

When you love the place where you live, buying a home in the historic district may be a lovely way to express it. Just make sure you are fully prepared for the responsibility.