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pexels photo 14485988 Of The Best Cities In France You Have To See Before You Die

France is considered a country of true romantics.France is visited mostly by true romantics. The French Mistresses is from way back. There is a lot to do in France than just Paris. France is similar to the size of Texas. It is possible for you to see the below cities in a short time. This guide provides you with cities to consider visiting.

The Aix En Province. It is found in the south of France. It offers general warmth to your eyes and soul. The buildings especially the older ones have paintings of warm colors such as oranges, yellows and some pinks. For those who are interested in bright colors, you can check out the art museum. There is the Museum Granet and the Museum Arbaud. You can view Cazanne, take time to view his Atelier.

Amboise is a town that has a castle. You can take a walk if you want. The house is dedicated to the inventor. You can tour the town for two hours most. You can see old cave dwellings at the towns beginning. There is the Loire valley where you can go for wine tasting.

Epernay, champagne region. You can choose which town to get drunk. There is a lot to see in Champagne region. It has various towns but Epernay is most recommended. This is due to its old city charm that you get to see as you travel. However, there are still other options like Bouzy, Chaumont, Bar Sur, Troyes, Aubi and Reims.

Eze is a tiny town that you can visit on a day trip. It has amazing cacti to view from exotic locations. The cactus garden is an impressive site to see. You can even touch the garden if you are brave enough. Consider taking a hike to the top of the own to check out the cactus garden. The ideal time is before sunset. You can also take a tour of the Fragonard perfumery.

Lyons is a city in France that is one of the biggest. The city was built intersection of river Saone and Rhone. The city has some roman remains. The city is 2000 years old and has interiors that are done beautifully. The Traboules are cool tunnels that you can roam around.

Paris is the most famous city in France. Aside from the Eiffel tower, the real Paris is revealed by Parisian guided tours or on private. Paris is a city with about two million people houses.

Nice is a city where there are amazing Mediterranean beaches and weather. It takes about 25 minutes on a bus away from Eze. During high season, you will spot some celebs.Reims is found in part of Champagne region. The city has a famous giant cathedral that is named after the Parisian landmark.