Questions To Ask When Opening the Door to a Rural Home Purchase

When home seekers look toward potential places to live, they have to decide in what setting they want to land: urban, suburban or rural. Rural home buyers, in particular, need to do their research beforehand. If you are looking to relocate to a mountainous or woodsy area distant from a major town, you should seek answers to specific questions. Here are suggestions and questions intended to shine a light on a wood-nestled property.

Real Estate Company

You will likely find most of your questions answered through your area real estate company. However, it is important that you enlist the services of a commercial and residential real estate property group such as Commercial Real Estate Cashiers NC where team members have lived in the region for years. Check the company’s website for outlined information on homes and regional overviews.


Find out who maintains the roads leading to the house. If your homeowner’s association does so, or the road is private, you could face expensive repaving and repair bills over time. You also need to know who cares for the roads in winter and how well they are maintained for driving.

Surrounding Land

Knowing the size of the property is one thing. You also need to know its condition and makeup: Is it woodsy, rocky, or lush? Also, note whether rain causes standing water or flooding.


Even if your rural home is in a planned community, you need to get a picture of local amenities. First, determine the locations of grocery stores, hardware shops and other suppliers. Second, ask about health facilities in the area. Finally, make a list of recreational options such as clubs and golf courses.

Once you have painted a picture of your potential nature-surrounded home, you can perform the further research you would for any property, including asking for a home inspection. By doing your due diligence, you will ensure you are not approaching your purchase not as a babe in the woods but as an educated consumer.