3 Ways To Improve Sanitation on the Job

Improve Sanitation

Keeping workers clean in dirty environments can be challenging, but there are quite a few solutions available. To ensure the health of your employees and colleagues, consider making use of the following ideas.

Mobile Handwashing

Handwashing stations are a simple and easy to employ solution to encourage appropriate sanitation on the job. Both stand-alone or plumbed models allow for the ability to meet people’s cleanliness needs regardless of the location. While simply providing hand sanitizer may do in a pinch, washing with soap and running water is a far superior method of hand cleaning. In addition to a water supply, be sure that the stations are also equipped with sufficient liquid hand soap and paper towels or hot air dryers.

Adequate Restrooms

Sufficient bathroom facilities are a key component in maintaining job site cleanliness. Occupational safety guidelines require a minimum of 1 toilet for every 15 employees. In addition to simply providing the appropriate number of bathrooms, daily cleaning and maintenance should also be done to ensure that the facilities are serviceable and sanitary.

Clean Drinking Water

Employees should have access to a supply of potable water. This can be provided in the form of a drinking fountain, faucet or portable container that can be used to fill clean drinking cups. Drinking water should be clearly labelled, and non-potable water should also be labelled as such to prevent accidental consumption of unsanitary water.

Sanitation on the job site may take a little bit of advance preparation, but the rewards are abundant. Clean water, restrooms and handwashing stations will ensure that workers are able to maintain appropriate personal hygiene and hydration. This helps promote good health and mitigates occupational hazards associated with certain tasks. Healthier, cleaner workers will not only be happier: they will also be better equipped to complete job demands.