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photo 1516156008625 3a9d6067fab5?ixlib=rb 0.3Means of Caring for Someone with Alzheimer

Alzheimer is a propagative disease that commonly affects the brain and causes dementia. Alzheimer destroys the brain and thus affecting how the brain functions. This disease mainly affects the aged who are above the age of 55 years. Looking after someone with Alzheimer is quit hard as the patient will require all your attention thus making it a full time job for you. These patients will require your help in everything that they do as they are unable to operate all by themselves. Therefore, here is how you can care for someone with Alzheimer.

The first way of caring for someone with Alzheimer is creating a safe environment for them. This is very important as this diseases impairs that patient’s memory and judgment thus increasing the risk of them being dangerous to themselves and to others too. Therefore, you need to get rid of any object that can be harmful to them and also lock up all the cabinets that contain anything that they can use to cause harm. Guns and alcohol should be kept far away from their reach.
The other way of caring for someone with Alzheimer is to ensure that you create good communication with them. Good communication is basic when you are caring for someone with Alzheimer as it reduces the risks of them becoming for frustrated and confused. You are therefore advised that you give the patient simple and clear instructions as you work with them in every phase. You can also come up with other ways of communicating with your patient such as having individual signals that he or she can use when in need of your help. When you are communicating with your patient, ensure that you reduce any destruction such as switching off the TV in order to make the communication easier.

Maximizing the patient’s independence is the other way of caring for someone with Alzheimer. When someone suffering from Alzheimer losses independency, they become more frustrated and this is likely to have a great impact on them. Therefore, you need to ensure that you working together with your patient so that you can help him or her feel like they also have control. Moreover, make sure that you offer the patient with choices and do not overpower them with your own decisions as you can read more here.

The last way that you can care for someone with Alzheimer is to familiarize yourself with the patient’s emotions and feelings. Patients suffering from Alzheimer find this condition to be frustrating and that is why you need to go slow on them and show them that you understand both their emotions and feelings. Therefore, ensure that you show them the love that they need and support them in every step of their conditions.