Keeping It Clean With Careful Filter Maintenance

No matter what products you manufacture, if you run a factory, you probably use filters. Without filters, your machines become contaminated with particulates and stop working properly. Because these parts are so critical to keeping your factory operational, follow these tips to make them last as long as possible.

Follow All Manufacturers’ Tips

A wide variety of manufacturers make filters, so even if you use several different brands, it’s important to keep track of each parent company’s recommendations. For example, some filters require the application of industrial lubricant Richmond VA, or else they won’t fit into your machine. Similarly, some filters need to be washed regularly with soap and water, whereas others aren’t reusable. If you don’t follow these directions, your filters are more likely to break down, and you may forfeit your rights under the equipment’s warranty.

Inspect Filters Regularly

Most filters come with a recommended use period, but you should still inspect them frequently for signs of early deterioration. Warning signs include rips and tears in the filters themselves and sediment deposits in areas that should only receive filtered air. Also, check the channel or duct that the filter fits into for leaks and cracks.

Buy the Proper Replacements

When you’re looking for new filters, the one-size-fits-all maxim doesn’t apply. A wide variety of filters exist, including medium-efficiency padded filters, rigid cell filters, and bulk media pads. Check each machine’s user’s manual to find the right type for your equipment, and ensure that the size is correct before you check out.

You depend on your filters to keep the air that powers your machines clean, and these essential components of your factory can’t do their jobs without your help. As you monitor your factory’s operations, make sure to keep these guidelines in mind to reduce the number of machine breakdowns.