How to Design a Classic Traditional Living Room Design

Traditional Living Room

Designing a traditional style living room can’t only be applied to large houses. Even a tiny house can apply it, as long as you know the important elements to create a decoration like this. By simply changing the appearance of these elements, a traditional living room impression can easily be created. Traditional style serves to create a room that looks elegant and tends to be formal. So it is very suitable to be applied to the main house which is full of togetherness. The historical effect it creates is also able to bring together memories from when we were little. The following are important elements that need to be considered properly in building a traditional style

Classic Lighting

Lighting plays the most important role in the effort to create a room with a traditional feel. The right type of lighting to use is a crystal lamp that can adjust the light level. Apart from that, you can also present a row of beautiful candles as special lighting. The soft light rays that arise from these two light sources are able to present the impression of a living room that looks dramatic. It fits perfectly with the concept of a room that carries a traditional style in it.

Classic Traditional Living Room Coloring

The function of using color in the creation of traditional concepts is to strengthen the atmosphere of the room you want to create as well as a source of shadow light. The coloring in question is other than wall paint, such as fabrics and types of furniture materials. Choose fabrics that look shiny and have shiny upholstery. Emphasize the room’s coloring scheme on the window and door curtains used. Make sure you don’t use excessive colors and look busy because they are very contrary to the traditional concept.

Sofa Selection

A traditional style sofa is a sofa with fine cloth strands at the bottom. The presence of a sofa like this very quickly brings a traditional impression into the living room in your home. As for the guest chair, choose a chair made of strong wood with cloth decoration as a seat. You can choose whether you want to use a sofa or a chair. Then choose wisely the seat model. Because after all the existence of this seat is a very important element in the living room.

Wall Paint Selection

Coloring the living room walls with the right paint is also important. Choose colors that match the traditional rhythm. Instead, you should avoid bold and dark colors as accessories for a room concept like this. Traditional living room designs are classic in nature, so keeping the color scheme discreet is very important. The appearance of the living room must reflect the impression of the traditional design itself. The colors that are suitable for this concept usually consist of typical colors of nature, earth, or earth. You can also play with the texture of the coloring.

Photo Display

In its later development, the living room will look more traditional by adding a collection of old family photos. Usually, these photos are black and white and can quickly tell the story of your extended family. However, if during your childhood you did not have time to capture precious moments with camera shots, photos can be replaced with large photos showing all family members. Then you can frame the photo with a beautiful frame. Guaranteed to look very attractive and eye-catching.

Have fun creating!