7 Boys Room Design Inspirations

Boys Room

This one job is not easy to do, but quite challenging. A boy’s room must be well-designed to make the atmosphere feel comfortable and pleasant. Even better if the bedroom is also able to be an inspiration for the occupants and support the growth and development of your baby to become a successful child. There are many aspects that you need to pay attention to when designing a boys room. Starting from trivial matters such as moving places and storage containers for goods to complicated things. Always remember that this is your son’s room which is his private area, so you must also involve him in making the design. He will definitely feel elated at being given the opportunity to create.

Let’s start this project to make the best bedroom designs for boys possible. Try asking in advance how the atmosphere and bedroom decorations are your child’s favorite. Then ask what cartoon character or superhero is his favorite. Because from simple questions like these, you can get very useful ideas for creating a dream bedroom.

Choose Neutral Colors for Boys’ Room Designs

Rooms for children really should use colorful colors. The goal is to keep him feeling cheerful and train his thinking about color. But if you want a color that can last a long time, choose neutral colors like white, gray, or beige brown. You can still make the bedroom atmosphere appear colorful by playing with coloring on the complementary furniture.

Motion Area

You must realize that boys have a different basic character from girls. The main characteristic of boys is that their movements are very active. He needs a wider area to allow him to move freely. Provide enough space for him to feel comfortable. If the available space is not that big, you can use a level bed so that there is free space underneath.

Storage Container

Your son must have a lot of luggage that you have given him, right? Without you knowing it, the number of these items gradually increases more and more. We are sure that your baby will often feel lazy to arrange it every day. So that the cleanliness and tidiness of the room are always maintained, you have to buy a storage cupboard that is quite large in size. Choose a cupboard that is not too high so that he can reach all its parts.

Safe Floor

Since he doesn’t seem to want to stay still, you’ll need to provide a really safe space for him to move around. Especially if your son is under 10 years old, the safety factor must be considered first. Especially for floors, use materials that are safe, comfortable and attractive. For example, such as parquet floors, wood floors, or vinyl floors. If the bedroom already uses a tile floor, marble floor, granite floor, or another hard floor, use carpet to make it safe.

A place to learn

The child’s bedroom must be equipped with a special place for study. Do not let you eliminate this one area. A place to study will make your baby happy with learning activities. The key is to make the study area the focal point in the room. You can create the most suitable learning place for him by presenting his favorite objects. For example, if your child likes robots, then provide a special shelf filled with robots near the learning area.

Children’s Favorite

Actually, it’s very easy to make a bedroom that is liked by children. The secret lies in the things that the child likes. Simply by displaying their favorite items, it is guaranteed that your child will really like their new bedroom. Therefore, we always recommend the involvement of the baby when designing a child’s bedroom. This way you can find out what he likes.

Best Lighting

This last factor is often forgotten by parents on the grounds that they want to save electricity. Even though this lighting system is very important for your child so that his eyeballs stay healthy. So you have to make sure the bedroom has bright enough lighting. Provide windows or air vents as a place where natural light enters. Then at night, it must be supported by a lamp that has enough light, not too dim or too bright.