Beautiful Small Kitchen Designs That Make Cooking Happier

Small Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the house. Because besides being used for cooking, this room also has a lot of additional functions. Even though the kitchen in your home is small, you still have to look confident. Because the size of a small kitchen is not the only factor that determines the comfort and attractiveness of the room. You can design a beautiful and attractive small kitchen in a small space. The main key is that you have to design it well. Yes, this decorating process is needed to turn a mediocre kitchen into a really attractive and comfortable room to live in. You don’t need to be confused about getting started because you can follow the tips below!

If you are one of the homeowners with a small kitchen like this, now you can have a comfortable and attractive kitchen atmosphere in the room with the ideas below! Please you can follow it well yes.

Learn Kitchen Functions

The first step is to observe and understand how the kitchen space will be used by your family. Some families admit that they prefer to spend their leisure time in the kitchen. While other families choose to make the kitchen also a dining room. By paying attention to the function and use of the kitchen first, you can find more ideas in planning the appearance of each corner. You can ask for suggestions from other family members regarding the most appropriate kitchen-making ideas.

Focal Point in the Kitchen

Take a look around your home and see how the focal point of each room is created. The focal point is the center of view in every room. For example, in the living room, you can find a fireplace as the focal point. Meanwhile, in the bedroom, the focal point is the bed. So, what is the focal point in a small kitchen? None other than all the corners in the room.

Shelf Selection for Beautiful Small Kitchen Designs

One way to save space in the kitchen is to install a few hanging shelves. The function of this shelf is as a place to place food items such as plates and glasses or something else. Choose an open shelf made of wood and glass to create a clean kitchen atmosphere. Meanwhile, acrylic shelves can add a broad impression to the kitchen. Arrange the dishes and glasses, and use the same plate color to make it look neater and more attractive. You have to maximize the use of vertical areas in this small kitchen.

Furniture Color Selection

As for the color of the furniture used, be it cabinets, furniture, or carpets, it should be the same color. The goal is to create a flowing and balanced décor look. Choose a simple furniture model, without a lot of ornaments on the surface. Replace the cabinet doors with glass and paint the inside a color like the walls of the room. Meanwhile, the ideal cabinet placement is 18 inches up from the kitchen table. However, if you plan to install the cabinet up to touch the ceiling here, that’s fine.

Color Giving

Each color can create a certain emotional impression. Coloring the kitchen is the easiest way to create the kitchen atmosphere that you want. For example, cool colors like blue can make a kitchen space look wider. Meanwhile, warm colors like dark red can bring a kitchen that feels more intimate.

Floor and Ceiling

After you finish decorating the kitchen walls, don’t forget to touch the ceiling and floor too. The design of a small kitchen will be even prettier if it is arranged from the bottom to the top. Decorate the floor by adding a rug to give it the right texture and color. Meanwhile, to design the ceiling, you can add dimensions through the right lighting techniques. Avoid using bright white or other bright colors on the ceiling so that your eyes are not too dazzling when you face up.

Luxury Goods

To add value to a small kitchen design, you can add a touch of luxury to it. What is meant by luxury goods here is not just an expensive price. But more to items that are special, unique, and look elegant. For example, a marble table does look very luxurious, but the price is too expensive. You can replace it with a table made of unique natural stone or an antique chandelier on the ceiling. You can also present these luxury items in the form of cutlery and crockery inherited from your parents.