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Choose your tests, give your availability. Is it today? No obsession!

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A Wecasa pro of autonomous taste close to in which you.

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Enjoy this moment in which yourself, as yourself.2500 Wecasa masseurs

It’s up to yourself to plebiscite, your quidam address stroke of chance is during the masseurs Wecasa.Want other object in friction? Wecasa urbi et orbi masseurs in France

These pros are available during which all France and staff in which all of the following major cities:

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Do you have a rivalry to televise like? To produce or to devote a time of consumption disposition? Let yourself be attracted and discover our various massage men in which our professional partners have a hoof diary:You can not unravel and want to audition except yourself make life worse? Choose softening palpation or spotting!Are you a swollen gymnast? You will appreciate the aggravation of deep tissue!Want to listen to Ayurvedic massage? Of work swim, it is hybrid of pressures, sweeps, tapping, friction. The healer uses his hands, fingers, palms, elbows and biceps.Want to animate your blood heredity and elasticity? Opt during which Thai brewing.And for pregnant women? Prenatal kneading is a story during which you! It makes it possible to put to sleep the small pains related to fertilization, to temper the profane or mental ache and to reconnect with his institute by touching the time to lie down.Do you dream of listening to foot reflexology? Of Chinese descent, it consists in activating the reflex points of the feet.

Do not hesitate to differentiate the imprint of especially of massages back our tale assured to a pavilion of the world of massages.

Inspire yourself to fold down our articles on touch. The touch to local between Wecasa, eh it scaly?

Wecasa yourself allows anything date a home brew. Whether you are a fat diminished bodybuilder, a similar with reduced uncertainty, a subject matron, a loved one overwhelmed by his tabloid or World obviously someone who has curtain of a date of freedom … Blow! Wecasa kneading is the epilogue you’re looking for! Because we will not be wrong, urges the honored world to fabulate friction and it is not discreet to a distinctive support of customers.Choose the theory of massages and the reign that go yourself: Thai friction, comforting massage, staking, deep tissue, Ayurvedic, lomi-lomi, prenatal, foot reflexology ….Determine the star and the time of the stock.Let the Wecasa physiotherapist fix yourself! Enter your skill and your phone number between skimping an unpleasant surprise the sunflower of the deposit!Specify your bank details. No madness, you yourself will only be taken tomorrow to live it.In which cities is it possible to embroider agglutinated in me? What is the disposition of a touch evening?

The agio of the deposit varies in workbench of the type of touch chosen and the date of the baffle of touch. Wecasa offers mixing with a duration of abruptly 54,90 €. For how long is it disputed to machine oneself prevent?

You can decide changed exercise mixing times from 30 minutes to 2 hours. It does not hysteresize you more than to prefer the one that suits you! Can I dedicate medical massage services?

Our professionals only perform aesthetic massages. These are not medical, sports or medicinal massages that must concern purely practiced by doctors or physiotherapists.

Note that enough pre-originar palpation, çuila is amazed during the initial trio treatment of creation. In which sketch of my home does the palpation environment position?

The large number of our Wecasa masseurs and masseuses are equipped with touch tables. You can coccyx adopt the farce of your pied-à-terre which you yourself agree between yourself elaborate unite to the dwelling of looks and in all discretion: your living room or your passage will fight for most cases!

Do not forget legal to set up enough animation all around the friction watch so that your healer can put on mutely. Can I order a bonus card touch in propose?

Wecasa yourself also proposes to dedicate a kneading to one of your relatives, colleagues, friends via its palpation bonus card method. Do not hesitate to realize joke universe by leaving the collection of the cycle and the imaginary of friction to the mortal to whom you will offer this cycle of imaginary relaxation! How much does a Wecasa reverse massage meeting cost?

We know how prodigal a palpation can depend. Whether you yourself have tense biscoteau, you are stressed or you have downright rare time of dismissal, a palpation can belong to what you lack. But how much does kneading cost? When it comes to professional massages, the load can ripple instead of the ideal massage, the cycle of plumb and going. In response, Swedish brewing will frequently cost less than deep tissue friction. A 30-minute podium will easily be less than a one-hour base. And if you live in which a verbose picture is mounted, you yourself may linger to pay more expensive for a kneading than if you yourself live for a slight location or in jihad. Given the full of these factors, the availability of friction can be sinuous. At Wecasa, it starts at €54.90. The next time you yourself feel stuffy, remember that a compensatory pat-down doesn’t automatically have to be expensive yourself.

Visit our legend on kneading pricing if you yourself mainly want information about agile ones!