3 Ways To Keep Your Parking Lot Safe

A parking lot may not seem dangerous, but motor vehicle collisions and pedestrian injuries—e.g., slip-and-fall accidents—are fairly common. If someone gets hurt on your property, you could be liable for the damages that result. This is true regardless of whether the person who got hurt was a customer, an employee, or a passerby.

You don’t want anyone to get hurt, nor do you want to have to pay the price for the injury. Here are some tips to make your parking lot safer.

1. Have Clear Communication

You should indicate clearly to everyone who enters your parking lot where the pedestrian areas are, where the parking areas are, where the entrances and exits are located, and which spaces are reserved for specific individuals or people with special needs. Not only does this require clear signage, but it also requires vibrant parking lot striping Lexington SC.

2. Proper Drainage

Paving materials are very sturdy, but they can break down when exposed to water. Fragments of the dissolving surface can obstruct walkways and cause people to trip. Not only that, but standing water can cause a slipping hazard by reducing traction beneath people’s shoes. Proper drainage helps ensure that the water promptly flows away from the pavement before it has the chance to do any damage.

3. Regular Maintenance

Over time, pavement can break down and wear out and stripes can fade from the surface of your parking lot. This creates a potentially dangerous situation for everyone who uses it. You can help to prevent accidents by scheduling regular maintenance for your parking lot to repair the pavement, repaint the lines, and keep the surface smooth and safe.

Accidents are not the only potential safety issue that a parking lot may pose. They are also frequent sites for violent crime. You can help protect employees and visitors to your property by hiring security guards and keeping the parking lot well lit.