3 Things To Know Before Renovating Your Home

People often use the terms “remodeling” and “renovation” interchangeably. Renovation usually means a much more extensive project than remodeling. Because it is such a huge undertaking, you need to have a good idea of what you are getting into before making the commitment. Here are some things you need to know before starting your renovation.

1. Renovation Also Means Demolition

Before you can rebuild anything, you first have to get rid of what is already there. That means demolition, and demolition means debris. You need a place to put the debris, so make sure to look into northern Georgia dumpster rentals early on in the project.

2. Projects That Add the Most Value Should Be First

Even if you plan to renovate the entire house, you may not want to do every room at the same time, especially if you intend to stay in the home while the renovations are taking place. When it comes to choosing the order in which to tackle each room, start with the projects that add the most to your home value, such as the kitchen.

3. You’ll Need More Time Than You Expect

Delays are more common than not during significant construction projects such as home renovations. For example, it may take time to find new fixtures, and then you may have to wait for them to be delivered. In construction, a lot of the work is contingent, meaning that certain tasks have to get done before you move on to the next thing. Whether you are doing the renovations yourself or hiring a contractor, budget more time than you think you will need. Do not set a hard deadline by which your project has to be completed.

Budgeting extra time allows you the chance to spend some time in the space before you add the final touches. This helps you to make informed decisions about light fixtures, carpeting, and paint colors.