3 Signs Your Home Is Under Attack by Termites

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Termites are a plague upon American homeowners and businesses. They destroy houses and other structures, chewing through walls and support beams.

They cause billions of dollars of damage each year, according to Business Wire. Furthermore, it can take a while to even notice they have invaded, meaning by the time people catch on and call an exterminator and a termite damage repair and restoration Hilliard OH, company, the harm can be extensive. Keeping an eye out for early indicators of termite infestation can help prevent this.

1. Leavings

Termites leave behind traces of themselves like mud tubes, tunnels they use for protection when traveling that can generally be found close to their nest. Piles of translucent fallen termite wings shed or broken off of the bodies is another indicator they leave behind. One of the easier to identify signs is their droppings, which resemble coffee grounds or sawdust and can accumulate in piles. Dead termite bodies are also a clear indicator that the pests are roaming free around a building.

2. Damage

Termites attack baseboards, walls and ceilings, so sagging or holey ones often indicate their presence. Damage around doors and windows and under paint or wallpaper can also be the result of termites. Buckling wood, pinholes and bubbling paint are examples of such damage. However, other issues, such as mold, water damage and wood rot may also be responsible, so it is important to verify the source of the problem.

3. Swarms

The sight of mobs of flying termites generally means that there is a termite infestation nearby. Even if they are encountered outside, the actual nest could be inside of the building. If the swarm is spotted inside, then it is very likely that the nest is as well.

Termites can devastate a structure if given enough time. However, keeping an eye out for signs can alert people to their presence before they can do extensive harm.