When You Accidentally Lock Yourself Out of Your Home

Locking yourself out has happened to everyone at some point. You are in a hurry, and you rush out the door on your way to an appointment or work. By the time you get to your car, you remember that you don’t have your keys. Panic will set in for a few minutes. Being locked out of your home can be quite stressful.

How to Avoid Being Locked Out

After you accidentally lock yourself out the first time, you will consider ways to prevent it from happening again. Of course, with cell phones it is easier to contact someone to help get you back in your home today. If no one else has a spare key, you will probably have to call a locksmith. This is why companies such as Arrow Locksmith Co. provide orlando lockout services.

Once you call a locksmith to let you back in your home, you should have extra keys made. It is a good idea to give one to a neighbor you trust or a relative that lives nearby. If this is not an option, find somewhere unique outside your home to hide a key. Be aware that most thieves know about hiding a key in a rock that is not really a rock, so you need to think of somewhere that is not as well known.

Other Options

If you are the person that locks yourself out frequently, you may want to have a smart lock installed. This type does not use a key. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about walking out the door without your keys. You either use a code or your fingerprint to open the door. Smart locks are becoming popular for this reason.

You may have considered leaving a window unlocked at the back of your home as an emergency entrance if you forget your keys. This is not a good idea. Potential thieves look for unlocked windows when trying to gain access to your home. Even though it can cause problems for you, it is still a good idea to make your home difficult to get into.