What Kind of Floor Is Best For Apartments

General Article

Residential spaces like apartment buildings can be difficult to design. With a variety of different people in unique situations likely to inhabit the dwelling, architecture and design choices need to be versatile and durable. Read on for some ideas for flooring upgrades that can be ideal for residential purposes.


Some of the most durable and aesthetically-pleasing floors are made of stone. This can include terrazzo, travertine, quartz, granite, and even marble. With proper residential preventative stone maintenance Manhattan NY apartment buildings and residential complexes can enjoy the beauty and durability of classic stone flooring for decades. The allure of stone flooring comes from its natural look, polished feel, and high-end quality.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

When looking at apartments, many customers love the look and feel of wood flooring. Unfortunately, wood can be costly and high-maintenance. Enter Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) flooring. This material is easy to have installed, lower-cost, waterproof, and highly durable. Another great thing about LVP flooring is that if a piece gets broken or marred, it can be replaced without having to change out the entire floor.


An apartment unit can be made to feel like a home with well-chosen carpeting. Look for something affordable (as you may end up having to replace it) but still soft and cozy. Warm colors like tan or beige can help bring out a cuddly feeling, and cooler colors like grey or blue can feel modern and bright. For extra durability, consider carpet tiles. These can be great for spills or other damage, because a single tile can be replaced at a time, making this option more cost-effective.

Your residents will thank you for a residential building that feels homey and comfortable. Future residents will also be grateful for flooring that can stand the test of time and wear. Please everyone with these flooring ideas that combine cost, durability, and aesthetic value for the flooring trifecta of your dreams.