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Have you ever wondered why you need to go to church. Many people today no longer care about going to church. There are those who go to church because of tradition. There are many today who don’t go to church but claim they are Christians. And some regularly fill up the pews but are simply Christians by name. But what is the real reason for going to church? Are there benefits of going to church? If you attend church every Sunday, what can you actually get? The reasons to go to church and how it can benefit us will be discussed below.

There is a clear command in the Bible that tells us to go to church. Forsaking the assembly is something that God forbids in the Bible and so we should obey this command. Since God has made 7 days in a week, one day is to be allotted for rest from worldly labors to fully devote to rest in the Lord. So we should devote the Lord’s day to whole-hearted, undistracted time of worshp to God. And we should worship God because He is our Creator and Redeemer.

Another reason or benefit of going to church is that you hear the Word of God preached. The reason why many people don’t believe in a God is because they have not really heard what the Bible says. You cannot believe in something that you haven’t heard about. It is only by hearing the Word of God that God helps a person to believe in Him. In church, we hear the Word of God being preaching week after week, and this is what helps Christians deepen their devotion to the Lord. You can get help in your daily life listening to the Word of God preached.

It is not only learning from the Word of God and knowing God that we go to church. Being with fellow Christians is another good reason to go to church. Fellowship is very important if you want to grow in your Christian life. Here in church you can worship God together. When the worship service ends, it is a time for gathering and encouraging one another. When you are experiencing troubles in your life, then a Christian gathering can be a great help to you. Your godly brothers and sisters can be a source of great godly advice for your troubled life. You can only have this benefit if you go to church regularly. And this is why meeting your Christian friends to worship the Lord and fellowship together is very important.

These are just some of the reasons and benefits of going to church but there is definitely a lot more. Find a church near you today and learn about God and experience the His love through the people that worship God together.

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