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The Importance of Mancala Games to the Students.

Learning is not about memorizing everything taught in class but also allowing the learner to come up with his or her own ideas and solve problems. Many teachers leave out games in the process and this is not the best thing to do. To get results with the games, you should pick the kind which will make the learner think critically not to forget coming up with strategic thinking. After lunch lessons are not a favorite for many students or the time after they are done with the end of semester exams. However, you will have them attentive if you let them play games during that time. One of the oldest and great games for adults as well as children is the mancala board game. It is well-loved around the world. You have more than enough reasons to pick the game for the classroom. Because of the ease of learning how to play it, no one will be left out. When you select something that requires too much time and effort to figure out the learners will lose interest after a few minutes of trying and it will not be better. Even though it is not a complex game you can rest assured it will offer enough challenge to keep people interested.

For learners who are in need of developing fine motor skills, you will not be disappointed by this game. One of the rules is that the hand that picks the seeds is the same one that is used to sow them and in the process the players will learn how to keep steady and be precise in ensuring the seeds end up just where they were meant to. For children, this is essential for them to learn in-hand manipulation skills. Players will also have to apply math in figuring this out as well. The math fluency skill known as subitizing is something the mancala players will have perfected when they do it long enough. This means someone figure out how many objects are in a set without doing a physical count. This enables them to solve math problems much faster. It is not just the young kids who benefit from playing mancala but even those who are in middle schools too because they can strengthen their abilities at multiplicative thinking through this process. When they are enjoying themselves, they will naturally fall in doing the multiplications which is really a good thing for them. Because of the rich history as far as the origin of this game goes, it will make for an interesting discussion. Thus, it is high time you did this for the sake of your students.
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