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All About Daylight Saving Time

To conserve fuel used in electric power, daylight saving was used in the early ages. Today people consider the daylight savings to be outdated and others have refrained from using them. There have been concerning side effects that have resulted from switching the clock an hour behind and an hour forward in the biological books.

The has been significantly reduced the length of sleep and the efficiency of sleep. Ones sleep is bound to be affected the day they set the clock ahead and not only that day but their sleep will be affected afterward. Altering the clock affects sleep time and researches have shown that there is a significant reduction in psycho motor reaction and reaction times in individual who doesnt get enough sleep.

The effects that result from a lack of sleep can be very catastrophic to adolescence who go to school full time or working on the side. In the month of March, altering the clock an hour forward can increase the risks of heart issues in individuals. This is because research has shown that rates of heart attacks are low after daylight saving has ended and spikes up after the daylight savings begins again. Heart attacks are sadly not the cardiovascular problem that the daylight savings bring with it, a number of strokes have also been found to be on the rising.

When sleep of individuals are affected even slightly, a there is a significant reduction in the productivity and almost everyone can detect that. Reduction in productivity significantly, changes in overall cognition and thought processes are some of the effects that also results from the reduction of sleep to individuals. Cyber loafing is the act where employees tend to do very little at work but act as if they are doing much and this is a result of lack of sleep caused by the alteration of the clock. Employees can cause their job to suffer after sometimes as a result of cyber loafing in their areas of work.

Cluster headaches are increased as result on the alteration of the clock and this is seen when people have or are prone to random headaches. The headaches can be as a result of reduced sleep efficiency that is brought about by the circadian rhythm being messed up. Mental health problems have been found to be on the rise when the clock is set an hour earlier or an hour late.

This is because individuals that are often prone to depression and anxiety always may experience symptoms shortly after the time changes. The rate of male suicide have been found to be increased shortly after the time has changed and clocks are set an hour behind. Increased car crashes are as a result of the reduced quality of sleep and lower reaction time.