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Hosting the Dream Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Birthday is always a happy celebration. People celebrate birthdays every year. The meaning of birthday to a person is not always the same. Some birthdays are highlighted more than the other. One of these important birthday events is the sweet 16 birthday. Most parents would make sure to prepare the best sweet 16 party for their kids. Once your kid is celebrating the 16th birthday, you are going all out with the preparation. What can you consider when it comes to planning for the 16th birthday party?

1. Know your budget – You will have a lot of expenses when celebrating the 16th birthday. You are spending but not putting yourself in a financial crisis. Just prepare how much you can spend for the party.

2. How many guests can you expect?Number of guests – The regular guests for the party at young people. This includes the friends and classmates of the celebrant. However, you are not required to invite everyone. Close friends or familiar people are enough for the party.

3. Venue booking – Venue booking is always a must unless you are doing the party within your property. Just consider those reputable venues. Venue booking wants to secure the place weeks or even months before the party. You do not want to share the venue with people you do not know.

4. Party schedule – The ideal party date is the exact birthday of your child who will turn 16. This can lead to paying too much for renting the venue. Your expenses will drastically increase during holiday season. Moving the date to a convenient time is always an option. You can save money which you can spare for other expenses.

5. Theme – You must set the theme before giving invitations or making other preparations. The interests of the child is a vital clue for the theme. If not, let your children pick which theme they want.

6. Catering services – Planning for catering services is also an option. Make sure most of the food in the menu are universal dishes. The menu you are serving to the guests must also be considered. If you love to eat something but not everyone does, prepare an alternative dish.

7. Go for musicians. – Magicians are often limited to very young children. However, teens prefer music. Therefore, the best entertainer for a sweet 16 birthday party is someone who’s expertise incline to music. Trending entertainers today during birthday parties are singers and DJ.

8. Print the invitation – With such an important event, it is only fitting to match it with a formal invitation. The theme of the party must be considered when preparing the invitation. Most parties will not let the guests in unless they can show the invitation.

9. Organize a program – You need to make a program for the party. You do not want to be all over the place and decide on the spot where to start and what to follow.

Host a sweet 16 party everyone can remember.