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The Impracticality of Daylight Savings

An increasing number of Americans want nothing more but to end daylight savings. Though you see that the country has used this for over a century already, a lot of forward thinking citizen have decide it be best to end daylight savings. When it comes to daylight savings, you not only get the pros of it but the cons of it as well. Most of its pros are applicable to the practices of the yesteryears. It seems that most of the cons are becoming tangible in this modern day and age when it comes to daylight savings. If you want to learn more about the impracticality of daylight savings, click for more details in this article. Before you read about its cons, you must first know its pros.

Having longer evenings is one of the main reasons why daylight savings time was introduced. The tourism industry will be making the most of there will be brighter evenings. During the bright evenings, people just cannot get enough of going out of the house. This basically implies that these people can go to restaurants, shopping, and events more for a proper boost of the economy. Even so, one of the main issues for practicing daylight savings time is for energy to be saved. When daylight savings time was introduced in the past century, its aim is to save more energy and to use less artificial lighting. But then, things are never the same as they once were. More energy will be needed today because of the use of air conditioning units, TV screens, computers, and other appliances. So, the main purpose of using daylight savings time to save more energy is no longer tangible and practical in this modern day and age. It only goes to say that ending daylight savings will be a better option since it is no longer saving energy anymore.

Health problems are another reason why it is time to put an end to daylight savings time. Even just an hour of changing your time will have some effect on your circadian rhythm or your so-called body clock. By changing your time regularly, you know that you will get tired. You get to experience a lot of health issues because of this aside from being inconvenient. Lack of sleep due to daylight savings time can lead to workplace injuries, suicide, and car accidents. Miscarriage and death are two other things that are outcomes of daylight savings time. The use of daylight savings time has also been shown to lead people to suffer from depression.

Loss of money and income is what you get with following daylight savings time. If you do not want more loss in terms of productivity, then one must put an end to daylight savings.

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