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pexels photo 224924Tips in Order to Survive an Active Shooter Situation

Usually, mass shooting in the world occurs in the workplaces, churches, schools and movie theaters. Mass shooting cause lots of people killed and injured around the world. Able to know what to do when there is an active shooter will give you a chance to leave and if you don’t know what to do will find you dead. We can not tell that this incident of mass shooting may happen to your area cause by crazy people and the question now what will you do if it will happen? Here you can be able to learn what are the tips that may help you to survive from any active shooter situation.

Knowing every exit point of your place will help you to escape and survive from the shooter. To be sure just do not use elevator for exit way instead you use stairs if you are not located in the ground floor of your building. Always have a presence of mind of your vulnerability when you are going to run into the exit doors.

Second, when shooting is started and you are not able to run now, find a place where you will be able to hide which you to keep from the eyesight of the shooter. You must find anything like door, bookshelf or any hard material that keep you from the bullets.

Third, be sure that you will cover and protect your abdomen when running because this part of your body where your vital organs are located.

Looking some opportunity for offense takes a big and possible plan to succeed. Some reason that the person will be killed because they are lack of communication skills towards the active shooter.

Doing basic first aid to yourself and to the other will give you an opportunity to survive. In order to stop any bleeding, you must be able to know basic first aid .

By letting the police know the shooter is a great help to stop the shooting and clear it to them that you are not the person who take the shooting. In order for the police to recognize you that you are not a threat, just raise your arms and span your hands, then tell them where the shooter are or where do you last see him.

Lastly, always be prepared by knowing your workplace or school of their plans when the situation may come. By enrolling in the active shooter response training courses will make you prepared when things got happen. Check out these helpful articles that will help you for the future to come because we cannot tell what will be going to happen.

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