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What to Expect from a Gorilla Safari Adventure

Enjoying an African wildlife safari holiday is one of the best things that you can do with your family and friends. Going on a gorilla safari is a specific safari activity that you can also do. Uganda, Congo, and Rwanda are the top places to do some gorilla safaris. If you want to see mountain gorillas, you should go to Rwanda and Uganda. Meanwhile, if you want to see the western lowland gorillas, make sure to go to Congo.

These three places are always the best answer to seeing gorillas in Africa. For most people, the feeling of going gorilla tracking is incomparable with other wildlife activities. If you look at gorilla numbers in Africa, it has become more or less 790 gorillas left. To know what to expect from a gorilla safari adventure, make sure to read this one.

If you go gorilla tracking, usually, you will be paying between $600.00 and $750.00 for your gorilla tracking permits each. A lot of travelers find this amount to be very expensive. Even so, what happens to the money obtained from gorilla tracking permits is that they go directly into their anti-poaching movement. As of this writing, gorilla numbers are increasing steadily because of this movement though it is still slow. This is good news in itself.

Every trek that you take is surely a worthy cause and an experience worthy of remembering. As a matter of fact, people who have tried going to these gorilla safaris highly suggest that two treks must be done. During the first trek, you might be at awe at what you see that as you film the experience on video and camera, the results you are getting are still missing out a lot. By doing a second trek, you are now given the liberty to relax and pause and still watch in awe these group of gorillas looking at you and doing their business.

If you must take on these gorilla safaris, you will be divided into groups of five or six. This may vary depending on the location that you choose to view gorillas. Once proper division is done, the adventure now begins. Taking a walk down the villages of Africa is what you do first with your gorilla safari adventure. This promotes an uplifting experience where children run with you and you get to see scenery that is just amazing. Children will be able to practice their English or just be happy to have another company. Expect to see a group of gorillas if you take gorilla safaris Uganda and pass through a primary forest first.

The walks that you do can last from a good hour to four to five hours tops. You are given a guide that would help you find your way and be provided adequate information for what you are doing.

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