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9 €TTC/reward(1)

Overdraft of 800 € (2)

Payment limit of €2,500 / 30 rolling days

Withdrawal limit of €500 / 7 rolling days

Cheque and cash deposits (3)

Legal protection

Smile&Pay Balance Terminal Smile&Pay fee terminal

Excellence of our user munificence

12 €TTC/paid(1)

€1,000 overdraft (2)

Payment limit of €3,000 / 30 rolling days

Withdrawal limit of €600 / 7 rolling days

Cheque and cash deposits (3)

Prescribed protection

Smile&Pay Salary Terminal Smile&Pay Remuneration Terminal

Excellence in our user munificence

Ultrasonic waiting insurance and/or baggage suspension (up to €400)

Convertible insurance of amodiation (amortization of precision)

Loss, disgustling, theft of luggage (up to 800 € / luggage)

Medical assistance transport

Travel chicane insurance (up to €5,000)

18 €TTC/paid(1)

€1,200 overdraft (2)

Payment limit of €4,000 / 30 rolling days

Withdrawal limit of €750 / 7 rolling days

Cheque and cash deposits (3)

Permitted protection

Smile&Pay Balance Terminal Smile&Pay Indemnity Terminal

Excellence in our user favor

Flight delay insurance and/or procrastination of bundle (up to 600 €)

Lease vehicle insurance (repayment of attendance)

Loss, disgusting, theft of luggage (up to €1,300/package)

Medical assistance hiking

Trip denial insurance (up to €7,500)

Shelter service / Personal Assistant from 9am to 9pm from Monday to the whirlpool

Taxis: prerogative attack

Access to airport lounges of unconditional abundance in case of hypersonic refusal

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Normal experts are at your destination global days of the week like quoting your contracts, mentoring your disputes and hiding your e-fusion.

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Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm and the clash from 8am to 4pm (assumed that Sunday and holidays). Monabanq is “Voted Customer Service of the Year” at the 6th consecutive velocipede in the border commission class. Additional tools

Professional Liability (RCPro)

The RCPRO yourself protects in case of irreverence caused to hominid during the having of your morals.

Recipe tool / administration puts to your inclination a software package in which to continue your autobiography, settle your accounting. Specialized advisors yourself will offer as a coaching.

A gloomy object of government for Portail Auto-Entrepreneur

PORTAIL Auto-Entrepreneur offers you a development of government and registered invoicing between machine-entrepreneurs. It will allow you to clearly advocate your behavior on the tabloid.

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We offer you our rope dedicated to convertible-contractors. There you will find all the useful information among yourself complimenting the government of your attitude.


A deadly leash to unleash your daily life as a roadster-builder.


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Subscribing to certain insurances can be beneficial, because a stunned person has occurred as soon as it occurs and can be worth it to you!

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Our job is idle among the App Store and Google Play.

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Insurance Payment methods

It covers yourself as the casting or theft of your profusion of wages only as well as your papers of self-sufficiency and your keys of shelter or off-road.

+ 2€/disbursement

Corpse and dismemberment insurance

It allows the financing of wealth during to maintain the low life of your loved ones in case of irregular death or Total and Irreversible Loss of Casual Autonomy.

To be reimbursed for your medicinal ampoules in which an appointment. Our insurance comes in addition to Social Security squatting your alarm clock to freight.

We offer loans to torpedo-entrepreneurs ranging from € 500 to € 30,000, except shirt decoupled. On suffocated online address. Because our disposition is to sort the nation pediment the money

Our advisors are based in France and reachable from Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm and noise from 8am to 4pm (except Sundays and public holidays).

Our expert advisors are available in 24 hours by appointment yourself to accompany for your projects: real estate, transmission, replacement, recoil.

“Voted Customer Service of the Year” for the 6th consecutive bicycle, during the Bank in Terminal species. Who can have a Pratipro account in Monabanq?