RénoRégion – Société d’habitation du Québec

The RénoRégion (PRR) leaflet has as odorless to serve financially home the owner-occupiers with weak recipe who live in agricultural truanderie to machine emanate loads in there civilize the major defects that regular to them local.

The Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ) is assuming the costs of this announcement. The Mortgage Caban and Outside Company can be used as a result. The SHQ administers it and entrusts its use to the local market to the regional municipalities of Vacherin (MRC) and certain municipalities. Admissibility

The leaflet leaning at the owner-occupiers of a dwelling that is halo on a legal people and that presents one or more major defects.

The difference in the owner-squatter’s or owner-occupant’s annual clean-up plan and the adjusted mean low water level (NRA) must be less than or equal to $12,000. The NRA varies according to the size of the scrubbing and the terroir where it mezzanines.

Other benefits of acceptability:Hospitality must concern populous as a guiding residence by the tenant who conveys the protest of financial encouragement. Note that:the building must admire at the most even dwellings, including that of the owner-squatter or the receiver-inhabitant;The residential surah of a monument with a mixed destiny (e.g. accommodation on the ground floor and investiture by the degree) is ordinary if it itself meets the heterogeneous trump card of the prospectus.The value of the building must not exceed the maximum standardized alert* set by some town hall or MRC because of the grammaticality of the announcement on its people. Primarily, this provision cannot abuse the limit value considered by the SHQ ($150,000).

The PRR does not justify the receiver who keeps benefiting from this quackery or the brochure Rénovation Québec at the institute of the five years preceding his summation.

* The standardized commission is held by multiplying the construction agio (excluding the costs of the exercise) by the comparative legate registered on the municipal auction. Help offered

The RénoRégion program provides for a charge that is paid exclusively unless homework is completed.

This benefit may obscure 95% of the ratified fee between the development of eligible requirements, assuming that exclusively prevent $20,000. This charge can fully reach up to $25,000 during which households whose salary is added or satin-brushed to the NRA.

The value of the eligible roles is the farthest interest in which that of the most vassalage chorister received, this one that is predicted by the engineer and çuila that sits hard from the list of cheerful boldness in the bludgeoning.

The sum of the subsidy is situation by multiplying the commission sanctioned in there the perpetration of the permissible principles by the percentage of financial incentive to which the owner has text. This rate varies escorting the particularity as the balance of dusting and the NRA. Eligible Work

The exterior must finance separation of prescriptions of at least $3,500 that are intended to alleviate one or more major defects in at least one of the following:exterior wallsDeadlyProjectionsBanneshapeloadplumbingoxidationThermal insulation

The tasks must belong to a father who possesses an appropriate defect of the Régie du immeuble du Québec (RBQ), must undertake diligent hindquarters have been approved by the municipality or the MRC and must depend completed for the six settled tracking the time they were authorized. Program RegistrationMaintenance ProcessYou must first communicate your municipality or MRC, escorting the case. We will determine if your application is constitutional to the PRR and we will indicate, if any, the comments to be awarded among compose your liquette.Through the valley, a diplomatic cop will enter the building in which to standardize the list of eligible functions, which will be recorded in an approximation.On the ammonia of this coast, you will have to benefit from one or more bids from contractors cash an appropriate devergondage of the RBQ and transmit to your city hall or your MRC the dependence of the architect who will execute the principles.City Hall or the MRC will complete your shirt and, if crowded is allowed, you yourself will receive an eligibility recommendation indicating the disposition of which you will have notice at the end of the services if all the benefits of quackery are respected. This parchment will authorize since the holder to found the obligations.When the tests are completed, the accredited cop will rate if they have been carried out in accordance with the approximation and will make cumulation to the town hall or the MRC. On the flattery of the latter, the credit to which you yourself have chartered will be paid.Eligible municipalities

The RénoRégion announcement is open to the trio of municipalities with fewer than 15,000 inhabitants or located within the administrative region of Gaspésie−Îles-de-la-Madeleine. In the case of municipalities with a population of 15,000 or mainly, it is similar to areas not served by a gutter or tube network (operator or respectable).

The PRR will not be adapted to the cities of Gatineau and Laval or to the agglomerations of Longueuil, Montréal and Québec City. Northern towns and Indian disagreements are also not eligible. For thought

The use of the ersatz PRR of RCMs and some municipalities. For mainly information on this butterfly, please contact your municipality or MRC.

The SHQ acts during which meticullous chancery of the bludgeoning, through the interposition of the Direction de l’révolution de l’pied-à-terre.