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Signs Which Indicate You Are Suffering from Burnout

Unresolvable stress in the workplace results to a physical and psychological condition known as burnout. Some cases of murder and depression arise from occupational burnout which is not solved. Findings show that most of the employees who are suffering from burnout work in hospitals, social work, and security. It is also evident that occupational burnout rate is not reducing but going up. In workplaces, many employees are struggling with burnout, but they don’t know this. Untreated burnout may result to chronic heart illnesses and mental illnesses. Below are the common signs and symptoms of these severe conditions.

The most common symptom of burnout is exhaustion of the body. In the workplace, those suffering from burnout have difficulties in remaining active. An employee will also find it challenging to hide his/her yawns since they are more frequent. Some employees suffering from burnout take some coffee and tea and some go outside to breathe some clean air, but these do not help significantly.

Researchers have found that occupational burnout leads to frustration and short tempered. If some days ago you loved your job, but today you don’t, you may be suffering from burnout. In the workplace, you may get frustrated, but continued failures show that you are suffering from burnout. If you become short-tempered, you should know that you may be suffering from occupational burnout.

Burnout in the workplace leads to low motivation. Burnout causes a high performing employee to become poor. The employees who have to struggle with burnout have poor social abilities.

Employees who are coping with occupational burnout have reduced workplace performance. Brain exhaustion and physical fatigue will lead to poor time management such as getting late to work, laziness and poor social skills hence your occupational performance will go down. It is good to prevent and treat occupational burnout before the boss realizes that your performance is poor and decides to fire you.

Cognitive difficulties also show that you may be suffering from chronic burnout. Occupational burnout has been proven to cause poor memory, reduced production and a lot of confusion. Employees suffering from burnout have challenges in doing the previously simple tasks. Poor memory in the job place because of burnout may lead to expulsion.

Employees suffering from burnout have poor health. Occupational burnout may result in regular sicknesses, poor appetite, and bad moods. Poor mental and physical health will lead to an attack to your immune system by diseases.

Employees who have fallen into the trap of burnout are always thinking about their work. If you notice you can’t keep your mind away from work, you may be suffering from burnout.

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