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photo 1525372545342 6c14e55fc259?ixlib=rb 0.3 Important Tips for Growing Your Nails Fast

Many women usually spend a lot of money on manicures and pedicures per year. Tips are also used to help ladies achieve long nails which look healthy on the outside. However, some nails are so weak and also keep breaking all the time. This can be as a result of using harsh products on nails and low-quality products. For others, nutrient deficiencies can be a cause for their unhealthy and brittle nails. Since nail growth can be influenced by so many elements, it is important that you observe your overall health and the products you use for your nails. Once you figure out what causes your nails to break and grow slowly, you should take immediate action. The following are important tips for growing your nails fast.

Consume Super foods

You should consider changing your overall diet for healthy nails. A good diet will affect your nails in a positive manner. There are some super foods you can consume that are specifically good for nail health. Such foods include carrots, eggs, and sunflower seeds. These super foods are rich in vitamin E, iron, B Vitamins, zinc, and vitamin A. These vitamins and minerals are also good for your overall health. They will improve the look on your nails, hair, and skin.

Take a Collagen Supplement

It is crucial that you consider taking collagen supplements for your nails health. This is a protein which the body produces naturally. The health of nails and skin is enhanced when collagen adds structure to the joints and bones. Thus, if your nails are getting damaged and breaking a lot, this supplement will be good to add to your diet. You can add it your normal food and drinks. Collagen does not smell or taste bad hence it can be taken easily.

Care for Your Cuticles

Your cuticles should be healthy and taken good care of. Trimming and picking at cuticles is not recommended. Always remember that the nail growth starts in the matrix which is directly below the cuticle line. Hence, it is necessary that you keep the cuticle hydrated and healthy so as to keep the nails free from irritation. It is important not to cut the cuticles since this can expose nails to infections. But you can push them back after moisturizing them well.

Trimming and Filing

If you desire your nails to grow longer, it may look weird when you are advised to trim them regularly. Nevertheless, they are almost similar to the hair, whereby you need to trim it regularly to remove split ends that keeps it from growing. When you trim your nails regularly, you usually prevent them from damage and breakage. You should also moisturize your cuticles and nails regularly using a high-quality cream. If you want to discover more about good moisturizing products, you can always search online. Olive, jojoba and almond oil are good moisturizers that will hydrate and refresh your nails.