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Wonderful Ways on How to Avoid Wage Garnishment
Collecting of money that you owe a creditor through your employer is what is known as wage levy or wage garnishment and you can do an internet search for more info. Another thing that may trigger wage garnishment is when one parent is not willing to support their children probably after birth or even in some cases after a divorce. With those being some of the reasons, this is not the kind of thing that you have control over and you may find that most of your salary is going to the creditor and you are only left with a small portion of your salary. For those whose salary is the source of steady income, most people struggle financially. It good to have a good payback strategy once you have borrowed some money from creditors. You can read below for more info on how to avoid wage levies.
The first thing that you can do is appeal for more time as you get yourself together and gather the money to pay for the debt. After asking for more time, you are given roughly four months which amounts to one hundred and twenty days and you can avoid wage levy if you manage to pay the creditor within the given time. With this time, you are in a position to come up with ways of settling down your debt. Asking to be allowed to pay the remaining amount of money in bits could also help you. Once you agree to pay the debt in installments, you are given a period of time by which you should have completed depending on the amount of money that you owe the creditor. The wage levy will be automatically imposed if you do not pay the full amount within the stipulated amount of time. For more info on wage garnishment, click here.
Filing for bankruptcy is another trick that can save you from wage levy. You can read more on the internet for more info. Also, some companies may have some mechanisms that are able to delay wage levies such as giving the company reasons why they should not levy your wages and this is done with proof such as how many people depend on you as well as how much money you earn per annum. At times when you and your partner decide to pay taxes together but in the course of your marriage something like divorce happens you can file for innocent spouse relief. By asking for spouse relief, you are trying to tell the creditor that each partner is responsible for their own debts. Read here for more info on how to avoid a wage levy.
Saying you did not receive the warning is also another way to buy more time to pay. Calling them or writing to them about an error in receiving of the message may buy you some time. For more info on tips to help you avoid wage levy, ensure you read here.