How to Properly Care For Your Hair After Coloring

Many women love changing up their hair color on a regular basis. Although the results are stunning, hair dyes can sometimes cause damage so proper care must be taken. With the right care tips, a woman can prolong her hair coloring davie fl and ensure her hair stays as healthy as possible.

Helpful Tips For Caring For Colored Hair

Taking care of colored hair is not a major pain if a person knows the proper steps to take. With these tips, a woman will know the steps she needs to take to make sure her hair is nourished and her color does not begin to fade quickly.

  • It is important a woman does not wash her hair for at least five days after coloring. Waiting this length of time allows the dyes to completely enter the hair shaft. When women wash their hair too soon after having it colored, they end up washing away much of the dye down the drain. This is one of the number one reasons for hair color fading too quickly.
  • Sulfates are the enemy when it comes to colored hair. Sulfates are what are added to shampoos to create the foam. Sulfates cause the dye to be stripped from the hair. They also cause the oils of the hair to be zapped away so the hair becomes dry and brittle.
  • One tip the professionals use is adding just a little bit of their hair dye to their conditioner. Each time the conditioner is used, it slightly perks up the color of the hair and keeps it looking fresher much longer.
  • Hot showers are also problematic because they remove the moisture from the hair and they also cause the hair follicle to open so the dye is more likely to spill out. Keeping the water cooler while washing and rinsing will help a woman to maintain her color for much longer.

Keep Your Hair Beautifully Colored

If you are tired of having your hair colored, only to find it fades away quickly, make sure you follow these tips. With the above tips, your hair will be shiny and full of color so it will last longer between coloring appointments.