How To Cope With Flooding in Your Home

Floods can happen when you least expect them, so you need to have a plan in place to cope with flooding in your home if the worst should happen. Read on for some ideas to get you started.

Take Initial Steps

When flooding begins, your first step must be to try to stop the water at its source. If there is a broken pipe somewhere in your home, turn off the water immediately. If the flood is caused by a natural disaster, then put up barriers if possible; shut off electricity (if you can reach the switch safely); and do your best to rescue valuables. Also, get everyone out of the house, and take precautions when you enter (like wearing waterproof clothing and boots).

Document Damage

Begin documenting damage right away. Take pictures of the flood waters at their height if you can, and write down when the flooding started and how it progressed. When the waters quit rising and start to subside, thoroughly photograph the damage. You’ll want a complete record of your losses. You should also have a set of pictures that document your home in its normal condition, so take those right away if you haven’t done so.

Contact Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company immediately when flooding occurs. If you are in a flood-prone area, you might consider purchasing special flood insurance. Otherwise, make sure you know what your policy covers. Your company will send out an insurance adjuster to survey the damage, and your should provide him or her with copies of your documentation.

Get Help With Cleanup

Finally, get some help with cleanup. You might contact a company that provides water removal services Mesa, AZ. Workers will survey the damage, give you an estimate for the job and begin the process of removing water and cleaning up. They will also advise you about how to combat mold growth.

No one wants to cope with flooding, but having a plan in place may help you get back to normal as soon as possible.