How to Choose the Right Luxury Tub for Your Ultimate Master Bath

When updating your master bath to create the most luxurious relaxation experience possible in your home, the primary factor in creating that coveted spa feel is choosing the right bath tub. Though the look of a modern all-glass double-sided shower-only or timeless antique claw foot tub may appeal to your aesthetic senses, nothing compares to the pampering you receive in whirlpool tubs. Read more to find out how to choose the right luxury tub for you and your space!

Living the whirlpool dream sounds amazing, but resist the temptation to rush out and buy the first one with jets you come across! Some research can help you find the right tub to fit your space, budget, and style. This article from is a must-read for anyone preparing to purchase a whirlpool tub. They advise that you begin by measuring your tub space to see what exact dimensions will actually fit in your bathroom. If you choose the right spot in your space, like an awkward corner nook or even dead center as an island in the center of the bathroom, a large tub might not take up as much floor space as you would think. Pick a good spot where the plumbing and electrical elements will be easy to rearrange, but avoid letting the tub take up the entire bathroom.

You also need to measure the access doors to your home and bathroom to make sure you have no issues getting the tub inside the house! Simple advice, but you would be surprised how often do-it-yourself home remodelers and online home shoppers forget these details. Similarly, you’ll need to know the weight of the model when it’s full of water and bathers to be sure your floors are prepared to carry it. You may need to reinforce the floors around where the tub will go to be on the safe side. The tub deck is a primary consideration of the design as well. The two primary deck styles are “dropped-in” where the lip of the tub fits over the deck, and “undermounted” where the slab sits on top of the tub’s rim. Plumbing and electrical wiring are other factors to consider, so always consult a contractor before beginning!

In terms of design, just remember the tub doesn’t stand alone! It tends to be the focal point of the room, so some drama never hurts. But according to this how-to article from Home Guides, it should also blend into and work with the design of the rest of the bathroom. They suggest matching your granite or marble tub slab to the same material used on your counters. Another good idea is tiling the wall the same from the tub area all the way around to your shower to connect themes across the room. You could also tie the two bathing spots together with floor tiles. Decorative accents lining the vanity or counters should extend to the tub area as well. Use the same fixture finish on the sinks, cabinets, drawers, nozzles, and lighting