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Reasons why the Daylight Saving Time Should be Ended

During the World War II, the soldiers had a difficult time in counteracting the enemies on the battlefields and so there was a need to extend the days and shorten the morning hours. The daylight saving mode was therefore found necessary because it ensured some morning hours were pushed to the evening so that the soldier could experience long days, meaning that they could save the oil they had and it would help them to provide lighting at night when danger lurks. The imbalance in the length of the day was necessary and beneficial in that war period and later after that, there was need to do away with the time mode since all the hours in a day are important and are used accordingly. Therefore, the daylight saving time mode should be terminated so that we can experience equal length of day and night. If you want to have a lit night, you can use electricity, collect solar energy and other artificial sources of light and so oil is not the only source of light power and therefore you will not need to use the daylight saving time. Therefore I will highlight some advantages related to terminating the daylight saving time.

It is important to note that many people are employed in the offices, and that means there is a change in the way things are done, and so the morning hours are more important than during the world war II. Punctuality is an important aspect to think about and so when the morning hours are reinstated, then the workers will not be late, and so the organization will succeed. According to the high number of people working in the morning, you should advocate for the daylight saving time to be ended and the jobs will be done accordingly.

Children as a nation’s future and so it is evident that over the years they have been deprived of sufficient sunlight and so they have been experiencing poor bone development. This might seem a minor aspect to force the termination of the daylight saving time, but it is very important because if you bring up the kids with certain malnutrition, then you might be developing a developing nation. The health of a nation matters a lot, and so you need to push for the end of the time mode.

There is need to end the daylight saving time so that you can have equal length of the day and night and that means you will have enough sleep. The moment you have a fruitful night of good sleep, then you can get your health on course.

People are highly dependent on agricultural products that also rely on good sunlight. This shows the main reason for terminating the daytime saver.

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