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2Q==In some cases, municipalities charge high usage fees for accommodation in shared accommodation (GUn). Home Maintenance Refugees are obliged to (co-)pay their accommodation costs if they have their own income (so-called self-payers). The amount of the usage fee often does not depend on the occupancy, the condition of the living space or the number of square meters available, but is set at a flat rate per person.

The costs are sometimes (significantly) higher than for a regular apartment with local rent. This is because many municipalities base the calculation on all costs associated with accommodation (e.g. security service, social care, caretaker, maintenance costs and/or other items). Nevertheless, many self-payers are dependent on shared accommodation, as they cannot find affordable housing on the housing market.

Here are examples of particularly high usage fees:

Statute of the city of Bocholt on the use and user fees of the […] Accommodation for foreign refugees from 28.10.2019, entered into force on 01.12.2019.

The statute of the city of Bocholt shows several categories of GCs, for each of which fees are charged in different amounts. The ancillary costs can be adjusted without the need to amend the articles of association.

In GUn, where sanitary facilities, kitchen etc. are mainly shared with other residents, the usage fee is € 204.00 per person and month. In addition, there is a fee for use-related costs/ancillary costs of € 91.00 and a furnishing and maintenance fee of € 25.68. In total, the residents have to pay € 320.68 per month.

For GVs where sanitary facilities, kitchen etc. are mainly available for sole use, the city of Bocholt charges a usage fee of € 100.00 per person and month, a fee for use-related costs / ancillary costs of € 67.00 and a furnishing and maintenance fee of € 25.68 per month. In total, € 192.68 has to be paid here at the time of the adoption of the statutes.

The furnishing and maintenance fee must also be paid by residents without their own income.

69 of 04.10.2017, entered into force on 01.01.2017.

Kaiserstraße 69 is a general contractor with 146 accommodation places in multi-bed rooms. The usage fee including operating costs is € 290.13 per month and person – for a sleeping place in a shared room without any privacy.

All items entered can be viewed in the calculation of fees for the JVs. The largest item is accounted for by the security service with € 102.95 per month and person.

Residents of the GU had turned to the city of Schwelm on 07.01.2019 with an open letter about the conditions in the GU.

The WDR had reported on 22.01.2019.

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