Dining Room and Kitchen Design Ideas that Unite

Dining Room and Kitchen

Creating a room that consists of a dining area and a kitchen is more difficult than setting it up individually in a separate room. One of the factors that makes it difficult is that we are required to make these two rooms harmonious, harmonious, and able to support one another. Usually, Dining Room and Kitchen Designs are made together to get around space limitations.

There are many benefits that can be obtained from the unification of this room. The main thing, of course, is to make the room look wider and more spacious so it feels so comfortable. This room will feel more comfortable to live in than before which felt cramped. But you need special tips for arranging a dining room and kitchen that are designed together. You should not do it carelessly because surely the results will not be as you wish. Stay cool. You can follow the guide below to decorate the room.

At least we have 9 special tips that are useful for designing a dining room and kitchen that are made together in the same room. These tips are very useful to make it easier for you to design the room and make it feel so comfortable.

Selection of Chairs for Dining Room and Kitchen Designs that Unite

Chairs are the first factor that you need to pay close attention to when you want to combine the kitchen and dining room. Ideally, a good chair for this style of room is a bench. Bench chairs are considered suitable to be placed in narrow spaces because they don’t take up too much space. In addition, this type of chair is easier to match with various forms of dining tables. With this bench chair, the room will feel more relaxed and intimate. Another option is a chair with a back that is not too high so that you and your family can still communicate smoothly.

Lamp Placement

Even though later the room will function as a dining room and kitchen at the same time, you still have to put at least two main lights into this area. The first lamp has the function to illuminate the kitchen. While the second light serves to create a certain impression in the dining area. We said a certain impression earlier because indeed you can present the impression you want by choosing the right lamp. This lighting setting is also very effective for decorating the dining room and kitchen with the look you want.

Room Partition

One of the advantages of the dining room and kitchen being put together is the effectiveness and efficiency of the room. Just imagine this. When you need something while enjoying your meal, you don’t have to go back and forth between the rooms. You also don’t need to open the door which is certainly a hassle. Therefore, when you want to create a partition between these rooms, try to keep the space having the advantages above, namely being spacious and roomy. Examples of partitions that we recommend are dish racks, cabinets, or cupboards that are not too high.

Connected Cabinet

Another idea so that the dining room and kitchen can have a harmonious atmosphere is by installing cabinets. A cabinet that is very suitable for a room like this is a large and long cabinet. Of course, you can make adjustments to the size of this cabinet beforehand. You can present a cabinet that connects the dining room and kitchen. But that doesn’t mean you have to use a large cabinet. You can still use this cabinet as a room connector by choosing the right color or model.

Watch the Wind

In a room that blends like this, the space for movement will generally increase. As a result, the flow of wind in it will be even stronger. Do not let light objects, such as tablecloths, be confused by this naughty wind. The solution to avoid these bad events is to attach weights such as embroidery or lace to light objects.

Dining Table Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the dining table is the main focus of the room. Please adjust the shape of the dining table that will be used with the main concept of the room. You have to choose the right table for this room. Only after that, you can put table decorations such as pendants or candle holders so that the atmosphere when eating is more intimate

Wall Paint Color

The last factor that you need to pay attention to is choosing the right wall paint color. In a room where the dining room and kitchen are together, you don’t have to use the same wall paint color. Please choose a different color. As long as it looks harmonious it will definitely be interesting. In addition to sweetening the room, with color choices like this, you have also created a visual partition.