Different Ways To Cool Your Home


When the heat ramps up in the summer you want to have a working air conditioning system in your home. There are a variety of systems available to cool your home and choosing the right one will depend on your budget and your current cooling system.


A ductless ac Staten Island can be the way to go when you want more control over the cooling of individual rooms. If you’ve built an addition, a ductless unit can be used to cool the new area instead of running central air to that space. This type of system is used in hotels so each room can have its own temperature control.

Central Air

Central air is one of the most popular cooling systems. Air is cooled in a compressor and sent to the house through air ducts, while hot air is sent out through an exhaust. The temperature is controlled by a thermostat inside the house. This can be the most effective way to cool an entire house.


A portable air conditioning unit sits on the floor and can be moved from room to room. All it needs is an electrical outlet and a window nearby for it to work effectively. This type of unit is useful when you need to cool off a small area.


Window air conditioners are inexpensive but can be loud when running. They can be used to cool small spaces, so you will need more than one if you have a large home. Multiple people may be required to install a window unit because they are heavy.

Your home may already be equipped with an air conditioning system. If you need to upgrade or add additional units to your home, you can decide how much you want to spend. Knowing your budget will help you determine what system to install.