Consider These 3 Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips for This Winter

The official start of winter is nearly here. The strong winds, harsh temperatures and excessive precipitation can take a heavy toll on your business’ rooftop. Too much winter damage can also affect the rest of the building, disrupting your commercial operations and driving customers away. Prevent these costly incidents by following these winter roof maintenance tips.

Remove All Snow and Ice

One of your first priorities this season is to eliminate as much snow and ice from the roof as possible. While it can look nice on your building, it can also lead to large problems. Too much precipitation on the roof can create a heavy weight that can lead to collapse. Additionally, the constant melting and freezing of water forms ice dams, which create a water buildup that damages shingles and leaks water inside. Remove as much ice and snow as you can, and call a roofing service for assistance.

Clear the Gutters

Another way of preventing water buildup on your building’s rooftop is by removing all obstructions in the gutters and drain systems. This blockage can manifest through either leaves and debris leftover from fall or accumulated frozen water and snow. Both elements prevent water from draining downward properly, leaving it on the roof. This can lead to several problems, from ice dams to foundation problems and water leaks. Inspect the building’s gutters, and safely remove any debris you notice.

Have the Roof Inspected

Removing snow and ice from the roof’s edges and drainage system is the most maintenance you can accomplish alone. The slippery conditions and lack of knowledge regarding roofs can lead to the destruction of the structure or harm to yourself and others. Therefore, you will need to hire commercial roofing specialists to inspect the area and repair anything wrong with it.

The winter season presents unique challenges that can ravage your property and damage the business. Consider these maintenance tips to prevent larger problems.