Common Signs of Crawlspace Problems

General Article

Even though there are an array of crawl space issues that may occur, there is a handful that occurs more often than others. With the most common crawl space issues, there are a few tell-tale signs of a problem. If you own your home, make sure to watch for the signs of an issue highlighted below.

The Presence of Water

This issue refers to standing water. This is water that sits in your crawl space for extended periods of time. This water may come from several sources. For example, it could be a plumbing leak, a flood on the outside of the house, or hydrostatic pressure. This issue occurs when water from outside exerts pressure on your home’s foundation. Over time, this effect causes cracking and water will seep inside. If you notice water, calling for crawl space repair Tulsa OK is essential.

Higher Than Normal Indoor Humidity

If water makes its way into a crawl space, you will wind up with higher levels of indoor humidity eventually. This is a dangerous type of crawl space problem. Humidity will introduce an array of issues, such as mildew, mold, and the weakening of the floor joists. It will also make it more costly to condition the home and will make the interior of your home uncomfortable.


As humidity levels go up, you may start to notice condensation, too. This occurs when the air is over-saturated with water. The air can no longer hold it, so it begins collecting on surfaces. This can cause significant damage and needs to be addressed right away.

Crawl space issues will just get worse as the problem persists. When issues arise, make sure to contact the professionals. They can evaluate the problem and help determine the best course of action to restore the crawl space and ensure no other issues arise.