Choose Wall Paint or Wallpaper

  Wall Paint

At least, the appearance of the interior walls of your home can be sweetened with the help of wallpaper or wall paint. A dark, dramatic room can easily be made lighter and more subdued by using light, pale paints. Meanwhile, a room that looks too big can be made more comfortable by installing dark, bold patterned wallpaper on the walls. Seeing the main functions above, it’s no wonder the use of wall paint or wallpaper often raises its own pros and cons. So this time, we will try to compare wallpaper and wall paint in a neutral way:

Ease of Wall Paint or Wallpaper Application

How long does it take you both to install the wallpaper and apply wall paint? The process of installing wallpaper always requires high precision so that the arrangement of the pieces of wallpaper looks neat. This process is sometimes more complicated than when we apply wall paint, although the results can be seen more quickly. Apart from being affixed directly to the wall because it is equipped with plaster. Some wallpaper products still require special glue as an adhesive. The difficulty level of this wallpaper application even doubles when you want to remove wallpaper paper from the walls of the house.

Meanwhile, if you use wall paint, it takes at least 24 hours to wait for it to dry and see the results. Even though there is no motif, the color of the painted walls is generally clearer, as well as the more available color choices. In addition, the difficulty level of the painting process is somewhat easier compared to installing wallpaper.

Installation fee

Currently, wallpaper and wall paint are available in various quality options. Where the prices vary from the cheapest to the most expensive. However, if you average the price of wallpaper, it is generally more expensive than the price of wall paint. As well as the cost of installation services. For the record, if the wallpaper paper you buy is not too expensive and the installation is done yourself. This can reduce the required installation costs.

On the other hand, wall paint is generally cheaper and also easy to apply. So even ordinary people can apply paint to walls well. This means you only need product procurement costs without installation costs. However, if you choose the latest paint with texture technology and use the services of a professional handyman, this can also increase the costs involved.

Choice and Quality

Between paint and wallpaper, both come in a variety of choices. Currently, there are quite a number of types of wall paint that can be distinguished according to the brightness level of the color and the constituent materials. We have discussed in full the types of wall paint here. Broadly speaking, paint can be applied to the walls of a room with any characteristic. Both those with hot temperatures and high humidity.

Not much different, wallpaper also consists of various types, which can be distinguished according to the basic material of the paper used. Therefore, you can still apply this wallpaper in various corners of the house. Even in busy rooms. However, most wallpapers are susceptible to high heat and humidity. So you should avoid wallpapering in kitchens and bathrooms.

Above are the three main factors that differentiate between wallpaper and wall paint. However, both of these materials can be relied upon to decorate your home. If you want to decorate your home more easily, practically, and cheaply, then choose wall paint. Meanwhile, if you are interested in being creative with patterns and colors, and have sufficient budget and time, there’s nothing wrong with trying wallpaper.